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    Elk hunting arrows

    So what fixed blades would you reccomend?
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    Elk hunting arrows

    Rage Hypodermic 100 grain
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    Elk hunting arrows

    I've killed numerous whitetail with my bow and understand I will need a heavier arrow for elk. I was just wanting to know what arrows and how heavy everyone shot. I have 2 bows that I hunt with: 1) 65lbs, 386 grain arrow, 300fps 2) 65lbs, 405 grain arrow, 288fps Will either of these set-ups...
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    Just elk and deer points for me.
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    CO Point Creep in 2021? You Bet!!

    I hope your right and they get cutoff sooner than later.
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    Results are Up

    GMU 30
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    Results are Up

    Drew my first choice mule deer tag for November, but struck out for elk.
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    18 Year Wait

    Congrats, very nice goat!!
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    Dad’s first Mule Deer hunt

    Congrats to your dad! We just got back from hunting mule deer in New Mexico. We saw 1 good buck the day before the season opened and only saw does and rattlesnakes the rest of the time. We also saw plenty of utv's everywhere as well. Tag soup again!
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    Another Nv Deer

    Nice buck! Congrats to Sandy.