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    SE AK black bear 2021 success!

    It took me two days of traveling to get to final destination in SE Alaska from IN. The adventure started with a 6 AM flight out of Chicago, along with a 8.5 hour lay over in Seattle before arriving in Ketchikan around 730 PM, that makes for a very long day once you add the 4 hour time...
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    POW 2021

    Ill be heading there for my very first bear hunt. I will be doing a DIY hunt renting a truck and skiff, looking for any tips I can get! I will have a hunting partner who will be his first bear hunt as well. We plan to do most of our hunting out of the skiff but will have a truck if need.
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    Vortex PST 6-24x50 FFP Mrad NIB price drop

    So I messed up and bought Mrad instead of MOA and didn't notice until I just grabbed the box to mount the scope. I only took the scope out of the plastic to steal the cheap scope cover off of for a rifle I had sold, I put another I had back on it. $700 $600 TYD PayPal only Trades interested...
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    New pack wanted

    I have been running a J34 for several years and would like to upgrade to something lighter. I have looked at most of the available ones online and read hundreds of reviews. The problem is I live in northern IN, so not a light of need for hunting backpacking packs around here. I was wondering if...
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    NM unit 30 youth hunt success

    Took my 14 YO son on his first ever mule deer hunt. We weren't very successful with some of our earlier draws, and settled on this unit as we "should" draw it and considered it an opportunity to hunt an area we have never been. I knew it would be a tough hunt as there were a lot of tags for...
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    New Mexico unit 30

    Well my 13 year old son drew this tag, I am starting to do more in depth research, was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with this unit or as a bonus the late Nov youth rifle season? Thanks in advance.
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    Deer Unit 30 youth season

    Well my 13 year old son drew this tag, I am starting to do more in depth research, was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with this unit or as a bonus the late Nov youth rifle season? Thanks in advance.
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    Danner boot question

    So last year I ordered through amazon prime wardrobe, a pair of danner; pronghorns, high country and east ridge. They let you "try" them for 7 days without having to pay for them, returns are free. Anyways, I liked the fit of the east ridge, and they were US made. Sent them back since they were...
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    Win a Montana Youth antelope hunt! Drawing to be held 4-11 2pm eastern. Few spots still available

    Update for every 5 spots you purchase you get a sixth free Happy New Years everyone. I recently started a foundation (New Adventures Outdoors) that helps get youth involved in the outdoors who's parents aren't and help others get back into it. We have recently partnered up with the local boys...
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    For sale, Vortex Viper HS-T SOLD

    Time to move some gear to fund other projects. I have a new never mounted Vortex viper HS-T 4-16x44 MOA scope for sale. I took it out of the box to take some pics and noticed some paint chipped on bottom of the scope? Not sure how that happened, I literally just removed to take pics. Comes with...
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    Another great trip outwest.

    Had another great trip out west and was able to take three new antelope hunters and help them get their first antelope. I have also wanted to hunt antelope in the snow for a long time and was able to do that this year. Though the blowing snow caused its own visual issues. It was hard to get a...
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    Leica rangemaster 1000 SOLD

    Perfect working condition, new battery. $225 shipped.
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    WY antelope 2019 success with new hunter

    I was fortunate to take another first time hunter out west with me this year. His father as well as my 13 YO joined us for this hunt. This hunter happens to be a paraplegic and I am trying to help him get back into hunting more. For his first hunt I thought it would be best to go after a doe...
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    bullets/brass fore sale

    Selling off some of my grandfathers reloading components to help them pay for assisted living. I have not looked into shipping cost yet, so for now we will consider components list price plus shipping, but I can work out final price with shipping with the buyer. If you need anymore details...
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    MT antelope

    Was finally able to get my son out west on his first hunt, as well as his grandpa for his first as well. First afternoon we found a good buck and had to make about a mile stalk to get into shooting position. My son got first crack if it was in his range, if not Grandpa got the nod. Well when we...
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    elk 13 deer 81 Ryan wildfire

    Anyone been in this unit recently? I plan to be their the second week in Oct with a cow elk tag. Was planning to hunt the SE section, but looks like they have closed about 50% of the unit due to the wild fire. Need to make new plans now I guess.
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    Synthetic vs merino wool base layers

    Has anyone listened to the built to hunt pod cast with Jason Hairston of KUIU about these types of base layers and there use? I found it pretty interesting, I had it backwards according to what Jason says, those who have heard it what are your thoughts? Out of the following who would you buy...
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    AlpineAire food

    Anyone try this brand of freeze dried food?
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    Youth bear cartridge?

    Last Christmas I bought a Maine bear hunt at a charity auction. My Son will be 12 this fall and plan on letting him do this hunt. I have never bear hunted before so I don't know what caliber will work on the lower end of the scale, if it was me it wouldn't be an issue. But don't want something...
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    Indiana turkey

    Well it was a successful spring for me and Teddy. We got permission on a new property, so we started scouting a couple weeks before season. We located turkeys all over the property, but one area it was the most consistent. So I set a blind up the day before youth season and we went out to roost...