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  1. DoubleDropMuley

    2021 success Thread!!

    Ok let’s get this thing rolling, see some good ones hitting the dirt already and since I no longer subscribe to muley crazy I need my fix of Muley’s!!
  2. DoubleDropMuley

    Dang Birds!!

    Well spent 3 days searching for toms, unlike last year we didn’t get much response, but after a long hike Friday morning with no action drove up the road and wouldn’t ya know it a Tom and 4 hens right on roads edge, so got wife out hoping for her to get her first Tom, which neither of us has...
  3. DoubleDropMuley

    Merriams and Rio’s

    Any of you experts have any fool proof ways to tell the difference, been looking at pics trying to tell the diff but some look like the other on my guess! And if hybrid how do you classify, whatever characteristics are stronger? Thanks if anyone can help a beginner Turkey hunter
  4. DoubleDropMuley

    Swaro Spotter

    Have a early 2000’s Swaro 20-60x65 angled spotter, $850 TYD or trade for some 15’s Binos what ya got ?
  5. DoubleDropMuley

    Just curious!!

    Sitting here tonight comparing last years regs to this years, and started wondering if G&F sends a copy of regs to nonres? I never got any as a res but I can go to local G&F office or store and pick some up. So just curious if they send them to nonres who draw, if not that kinda sucks.
  6. DoubleDropMuley

    Deer 2021

    I’m just seeing what everyone thinks about the late seasons for next year? I’m gonna use my 2 points and tossing around 3-4 different areas, so do you think 2nd or 3rd season, both will be later and my concern is between this year and next is if to many bucks will be killed before the 3rd season...
  7. DoubleDropMuley

    Big 3 draw

    Looks like 2 weeks for results on moose sheep and goat!! Who’s still in? I’m in for goat and wife moose. We can always keep dreaming!!
  8. DoubleDropMuley

    Wyo whiteys

    Wyo whitetail Hunt 2018. Very special day, I got my biggest whitetail to date and my boy got his first which was bigger than mine lol, both harvested on my dads birthday!!
  9. DoubleDropMuley

    Wyoming Critters

    Love Wyoming for the opportunities we have here!!
  10. DoubleDropMuley

    New but not New!!

    Been away for awhile but now I’m back !! Wyoming is home and Hunting is where it’s at, I’ll try and repost some of my critters for all to enjoy as I enjoy seeing others success!!