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  1. Thommy94

    Elk hunting gear

    Need some help. This will be my first year elk hunting . Was wanting thoughts on binos 10 x 42 , calls to purchase and magazine subscriptions. I need to keep my budget no more between $500 and $1000 On the binos.Thoughts on Vortex? or for that price point is there something better? What would...
  2. Thommy94

    Colorado units 12,13 and 24 questions

    New hunter here finalized that I’ll be hunting elk 2nd gun season of units 12,13 or 24. Trying to find out recommendations of were to find information of names of trail heads and access points for my first bag pack hunt to research and maps to order. Any thoughts on which unit would be better...
  3. Thommy94

    New gun 300 win mag question

    Going to purchase my first rifle for elk hunting. Going to purchase a 300 win mag. Like everything else little overwhelmed on what to buy. My budget for the rifle only is 1200.00 And what power scope would you recommend.
  4. Thommy94

    1st Elk hunt White River NaTional Forest.

    This will be my first elk hunt this year planning n going second rifle season with an OTC tag Looking at White RiverNational Forest. Plan on parking at a trail head and bag pack in . Not looking for a someones honey whole just a few units for a novice to start researching. Being a novice I...
  5. Thommy94

    First OTC hunt questions

    Planning on doing my first Elk Hunt 2 gun season Colorado this year and I am overwhelmed. I will be doing a bag pack hunt.and need some help 1 Not asking for your hunting spot however could you recommend some units for a knew hunter to start off in and name of the trail heads to park and hike...