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    Bands - Post Em Up!

    Here's a neck collared Ross in a South Dakota blizzard from the spring of 2013.
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    I dropped the ball...

    Yesterday, I kicked myself in the balls so hard that I can still taste the vomit in my throat. The morning started early and slow. I took my time getting dressed, made coffee and enjoyed the night sky for a few minutes. My hike began early enough that I reached my listening post/glassing point...
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    laundry brighteners

    So I accidentally washed the blood out of my pack with a detergent containing a "brightening agent." I'm now trying to figure out what to do to counter-act that mistake. Do I re-wash it with scent killer detergent or something of that nature? Get it dirty, or something else? I was sure that I...
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    Scouting 2015

    Not quite as interesting as watching a big buck grow but here's one of mine from this weekend. We were scouting a ridge in north central Colorado when we found this rub from last fall, full of elk hair. Hopefully I will be out covering ground every weekend until the week before archery opener.
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    OTC pronghorn

    I got my tag in the mail today and am kind of at a loss of where to start. I was counting on drawing one of my first two choices based on last year's statistics. Since that didn't happen, I'm reevaluating my plan. The DOW hunt guides on the website paint a pretty bleak picture for a guy without...
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    train to hunt

    Anyone participate in this? They have an event in Denver this weekend that I'm considering entering.
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    Sky Carp Success Thread

    We had the typical day late and a dollar short trip this spring. Lots of pressure on the juvies and it always seemed like we should've hunted the spot "yesterday". Oh well, isn't that how it goes... Until you have the dream shoot! I might not have gotten in on the real good days this spring but...
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    rain gear

    I know, there's a million reviews on this out there and I've read them all... twice. My dilemma is that I need a new rain jacket. I want waterproof and breathable and packable. Right now I have an old "rubber" set in wetlands camo that worked fine for laying in a muddy cornfield but it's a pain...
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    I just confirmed that having a big 6x6 bugling at 30 yards is way more intense than jumping out of a perfectly good airplane!
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    Camping Pictures!

    A couple from the first camping trip of the year last weekend. I didn't get as much shed hunting in as I wanted and my girlfriend didn't get her fill of fishing but the weather was a little rough too.
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    Turkey Fever

    After the toughest turkey season I've had in a long time, a buddy and I managed to double up on two Merriam gobblers in NW Nebraska. They weren't coming to the call at all so we had to pull the old sneak and peek.
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    Another new guy from CO

    Hey guys, I've been creeping around for a little while now so I thought I had might as well introduce myself and start posting. My name is Matt, I'm 26 and last spring I moved from Iowa to Fort Collins, CO thus starting my western big game and bowhunting career. I didn't have any desire to...