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  1. MuleyHunter

    My #1 hit lister down.... but not by me

    Hey guys.... long time no post. Thought I would share some pics of the bull I was hoping to be chasing 1st rifle season here in Colorado. Also my son and brother was trying to get him with there bows, BUT as it sometimes goes even a blind squirrel finds a nut, and he was killed this last week...
  2. MuleyHunter

    Mule deer genes

    I have hunted the same unit all of my life here in Colorado and have been very fortunate to have taken (or even found sheds and deadheads) some amazing animals. I just wanted to share two bucks, one from 1986 that I took with my bow when I was 16, and a set of sheds I picked up in 2017 while...
  3. MuleyHunter

    2017 Muley archery buck is home....

    The newest member of the family is finally home. [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  4. MuleyHunter

    My daughter's 2016 bear mounted finally.

    My daughter finally got her bear back and it turned out beautiful. It was her very first bear. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  5. MuleyHunter

    Age class of bulls

    I loved the video from ColoradoV so much I thought I would share some trail cam pictures of bulls from a few years ago. All here in Colorado..... Sorry guys about sending you to this other forum to share but it would have taken me a week to repost all these pics the way this site is set up. And...
  6. MuleyHunter

    2016 Colorado Muley Hunts

    Well we had another fun hunt this year during 2nd season, but it was very tough finding any of the bigger bucks with the hot dry weather. My dad was the first on the board with his best buck for this area on the evening of the first Sunday of the season. We hunted all week long seeing some...
  7. MuleyHunter

    Daughters 1st bear

    My daughter was able to take her 1st bear this last Saturday the 24th. It was a great experience watching her take her dream as she has been hunting bears hard the last 3 years. I am very proud of her and was glad I was part of the hunt. Quinton
  8. MuleyHunter

    Something cool !

    One of my sons buddies, that shed hunts a lot, picked up the sheds to a bull I was hunting this last year hear in Colorado in unit 40. When I was hunting we found the bull on the 4th day of the season (Tuesday) and I wasn't quite quick enough to get on him. I went back in and tried to find him...
  9. MuleyHunter

    My 2015 3rd Season Colorado Bull

    Well I had an amazing hunt this year here in unit 40. I was trying to best my biggest Colorado bull and I new there were some giants in the unit. We started off opening day with a 350" bull and a raghorn 5x5 less then 100 yards out the window of the truck at first light on the way to where I was...
  10. MuleyHunter

    2014 3rd season Colorado mulie hunts

    Well we had a great 9 days hunting here in our home state of beautiful Colorado. The kids all had tags (not kids anymore 24,23,and 20 years old now) and my daughter killed the first buck of the season opening morning around 8:45. Her best buck to date.
  11. MuleyHunter

    2014 Colorado 2nd Season Muley Hunt

    Dad and I had another great muley hunt. It was a very warm season, but we stiil seen up to 25 deer every day with 5-6 being bucks. The best buck we found was on opening day around 8:30 in the morning. Dad got to within 90 yards of him, but was not comfortable with the shot and did not take it...
  12. MuleyHunter

    Brothers Unit 61 Bull 2011 1st rifle

    Well it did not take us long opening morning here in Colorado as we ended the hunt early with a super heavy bull and was back at camp by 11:45 a.m.. It was an awesome scream fest with even some fighting thrown in. It was amazing ! The bull was the 2nd biggest in the group and my brother could...
  13. MuleyHunter

    Our 2nd and 3rd season 2011 Colorado hunts

    We had an amazing year this year for muleys. Here are some pics from our adventure this year. Enjoy ! I had the 1st success during 2nd season with this awesome find while doing a deer drive. My oldest son Jacob could not hold out any longer and shot this great little forky on the 5th day...
  14. MuleyHunter

    2010 Muley home from taxi

    I am happy to have him home.
  15. MuleyHunter

    My 2010 Colorado Muley

    This is the great muley I took in 2010 here in Colorado.