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  1. D_Dubya

    Something to look at - whitetails

    Here are a few pics from my game cameras. Full disclosure: these are from a highly managed (by my B-I-L and me) low fence ranch in South Texas. We do feed whole cottonseed January- September as a supplement, you can see some of it in the pics (not interested in arguing about feeding, I’m just...
  2. D_Dubya

    Finally found some BH209

    I finally found a can of BH209, I was at Bass Pro and they had one can. I still had some, but not enough for my son to practice much before his muzzleloader hunt in 3 weeks. I have a box of 300gr LR bullets from Arrowhead Rifles showing up tomorrow or Friday so he’ll get plenty of prone...
  3. D_Dubya

    Back straps for dinner

    Stuck at the house this weekend trying to knock out some projects before my hunting season gets going in earnest. Upside is I pulled out a couple back straps and tossed them on the grill in time to watch the Aggie football game. New to me TEC infared grill, awesome back straps and a sear that...
  4. D_Dubya

    Daddy/Daughter ranch fishing/shooting /4 wheeler weekend

    Some of my buddies and I took our daughters down to my hunting camp last weekend for some outdoor fun. Shooting, fishing, riding 4 wheelers and of course, s’mores to follow a big brisket dinner. That all had a great time despite the 105 degree heat. These girls take naturally to shooting. I...
  5. D_Dubya

    Kids Getting ready!

    Season is getting closer, maybe time to start talking about actual hunting again (not that Covid and 90/10 haven’t been fun discussions). About 9 weeks until my son’s NM deer hunt and a little over 90 days until my daughters CO deer hunt. Been raining just about every afternoon down here so...
  6. D_Dubya

    Elk steaks for dinner

    Some fantastic elk steaks for dinner tonight, grilled over charcoal
  7. D_Dubya

    Time is up! Good luck!

    Well, time is up for CO apps! Who all applied for deer hunts that historically took 2+ fewer points than you applied with?
  8. D_Dubya

    Daughter’s buck

    My daughter has been hunting this buck for 3 months, he finally popped out this morning!
  9. D_Dubya

    Made a new hunter

    My daughter wanted to to take her friend hunting with us this weekend. Got her a license and some practice at the range Saturday morning. We found her a doe that evening at 171 yards and one perfect shot from my daughters .243 did the trick. A couple of happy 8th grade girls with a hunting...
  10. D_Dubya

    The boys caught a snake

    We’re Down at my South Texas hunting camp, the boys caught a blue indigo snake this morning. A good one to have around camp!
  11. D_Dubya

    Dad’s first Mule Deer hunt

    So I had the opportunity this week to take my dad on his first Mule Deer Hunt in New Mexico. He has been wanting to go out west hunting a long time, so I put him in the New Mexico draw the last two years - no tag in ‘19 but pulled one this year. He’s in his early 70’s and just got a clean...
  12. D_Dubya

    Warm start to hunting season

    Looks like it’s a little warm today for you guys up in elk country, but at least it’s not as brutal as it is right now at my South Texas hunting camp. Truck reads 105, official Laredo temp is 100.
  13. D_Dubya

    Grizzlystik 650

    Has anyone here tried the Grizzly stik 650 arrows? Sounds like an interesting concept, I’m considering trying it for my Wyoming elk hunt this year.
  14. D_Dubya

    General Elk Archery vs Rifle

    My group should draw Wyoming General tags this year with over 3pts. Will be our first time hunting Wyoming. One of our guys has to put in for his vacation soon so we’re down to final deciding factors if we’re going archery or rifle. I think we have the areas we want to go pretty much figured...
  15. D_Dubya

    Thorofare Hunt

    I put a check in the mail today for a deposit on a dream hunt; Thorofare elk hunt with Yellowstone Outfitters in 2025 (that was their first opening for four). I’m not sure how to keep myself from being too excited for a hunt that’s 5 years out but I guess I’ll figure out a way to pass the...
  16. D_Dubya


    Rattlers are on the move down here today, let my son kill one with his new “Corona Pistol” (he mowed lawns to make the $ to buy pistol). We usually don’t kill them unless they are right around the house or places we frequent.
  17. D_Dubya

    New Mexico applicant info this doesn’t seem right. I guess this guy wanted to find out where everyone is hunting?
  18. D_Dubya

    Is there any good news?

    Is there any good news in general for hunting the West? Seems like every article I have read the last couple years are the same, Declining opportunity due to the following: Wolves, bears, lions, the ever present killer cold winters caused by global warming/cooling/climate change, energy...
  19. D_Dubya

    time to hang some horns

    Now that hunting season is over I guess I need to get to work. Between my two kids, wife and me I have a pretty good pile of horns accumulated from the last two years. Two of them are being shoulder mounted...the others I’ll put on plaques myself (the little elk will probably just get tacked...
  20. D_Dubya

    Christmas cards went out today

    Our Christmas cards went out today, we had to make a separate list for folks who would appreciate the humor of this card and a boring one of us and the dog.