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    2021 Hunting Goals

    Last year my goals were to test all my gear for my sheep hunt this fall....I THINK I succeeded. 2021 Goals- 1- Make my sheep gear testing worth it by killing a dall in August 2- Kill a big(ish) mule deer. I have 2 chances, Wyoming Rifle Y and SD rifle 27B. Fingers crossed!

    South Dakota 27 B Rifle Any deer

    Yeah, if you click your preference point review, it will say if you drew 1st draw 1st choice...

    South Dakota 27 B Rifle Any deer

    Looks like I drew one of 16 NR rifle tags for 27b. Never hunted SD but I've spent some time scouting around the area. Any tips on the unit would be greatly appreciated!

    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    Decent elk tags I’d agree. Kinda surprised at a couple of them. Deer and antelope though….yikes!

    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    I typed too soon… leftover list is out…. I’ll save you time looking. There ain’t none 😂

    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    My group didn’t apply as a group because we all have different point goals. None of us got skunked but there are some shockers! Very interested to pour over the data and “leftover” list…if there are any lol

    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    Drew Y deer and 20 antelope as a second in the special. Thought I might get my 1’s this year but I’ll take it!

    Antelope with 4 points

    Thanks for the info. I'll look into it. Did any of you hunt the later part of the season? feel free to pm me if you dont want to post it here

    Antelope with 4 points

    Have you hunted there?

    Antelope with 4 points

    Looking for suggestions on a good antelope hunt with 4 points. I'll be looking at mid to late October for 2021. Definitely open to the special draw. I've hunted 20,21 and 22 the last few years and had fun, but I'm hoping for a hunt with less hunters and more antelope. I've been looking at 73...

    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    Hunted the Kaycee area this year in 20 and 21. This is my 7th trip to that area. Never seen so few antelope. Even on private ground. Killed a 14" buck and didn't even bother trying to fill my doe tags. Pretty sad honestly.

    Turkey Hunt Gone Wrong- The Story of Saving Tom Longspur

    I posted this interpretation of my turkey hunt gone awry on my blog...thought i'd share it here too ;-) Enjoy my failure! Saving Tom Longspur: The story of how a young policeman saved a turkey on the edge Every spring, thousands of wild turkeys suffer from a condition known as Poultry Anxiety...

    Fenced land on state or BLM

    the gate was open....actually, it was non-existent. Just a two track going in the back side and a driveway with a cattle guard on the front.

    Region Y Mule Deer

    I've hunted Y for the past 6 years and my group has killed a pile of deer. Lots of young deer and LOTS of hunters. If you only have deer tags, id suggest hunting the last week of season. You'll see lots of deer on private and its very difficult to get access to private land. That said, there are...

    Fenced land on state or BLM

    Well I was pretty much in the same mindset as you guys. My instance was in Wyoming. I posted up and watched the bucks nibble on hay for an hour. The big shooter then walked out the driveway, onto the road, and onto private and bedded at about 250 yards. Never had a shot on him that I was 100%...

    Fenced land on state or BLM

    Had an interesting circumstance hunting public this year and wanted to get some thoughts. Before you say "ask a game warden" I did already and got 2 similar but different answers. There are several areas I know that have high fenced hay storage on public land. The pic below is not where I...

    Finding a good deer?

    Hey man! Bummer you didn't fill that tag in 17. 140" or better on public in Y is totally doable, but certainly has its challenges. We've killed some studs in Y the past few years. It's all about getting out of the truck, walking, glassing and staying patient. Realize that in Y there are alot of...

    New Hunting Trailer / Camper / Toy Hauler build - Follow along!

    Still pluggin' away on this thing and just realized I haven't updated here in a while! Got all my electric and water hooked up before I started hunting this past fall. Didn't get everything totally finished, but it worked out well because 26 days of living in this thing showed me a few things I...

    2020 WSF SHOW

    More than a couple! Congrats on that <1 win! So cool! I was sitting up front with the Blue Moon guys. Pretty fun event. I'm booked with Hurtle Creek for 2021. Found a couple goat guys for 2022 i gotta call some references on too. I talked to Aaron a few times as well and almost booked with...