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    Gear guys need some help

    Ok gear junkies what is the best solar lantern combo ? One of the guys on another site I'm on took a direct hit from hurricane Ida still has no power and things are pretty rough for him and his family. Basically camping in under the stars in his living room. Im wanting to send a care package...
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    Surf and turf

    Grilled bacon wrapped antelope tender loin with Poached halibut in a spicy Mexican style broth. Been a rough month already
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    Kodiak fishing lodges

    Looking to try to book a trip for next summer prefer a lodge type fishing trip, over a motel type trip. Any recommendations for a lodge? Larsen Bay area looks good open to others too. Would like to at least have our own boat for a group of 4 and more of a family style lodge with home style meals...
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    Anybody score their tag first come first served?

    Just wondering if you all have gotten a tag yet.
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    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    So whats your preferred antelope set up? I won this tag the other night and only have 3 weeks to get everything ready. Got a couple choices but was curious what everyone likes.
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    075 antelope tag

    I just won a raffle thru the Wells Nv FFA. So i guess I'm going antelope hunting, anybody ever hunt 075 for speed goats?
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    CC while exercising

    Want to carry on my early morning walks and jogging and biking , any body do this ? What system works ? PM me if your more comfortable sharing that way. Too many loose dogs in the area and just don't need to get bit.
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    Sheep judging tips and tactics

    I have this years sheep issue and been looking at the article on judging sheep, however what else does one look for? Specifically interested in judging desert sheep.
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    Over under suggestions

    Wanting to pick up an over under looking to maybe get back into sleet and possibly a few pheasant hunts.
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    Id moose app question

    Would some one be so kind as to explain how Id does the nonres tag allocation? pick a hunt unit like 60 A with 14 tags , is it up to 10 %? What happens if the unit only has 5 tags?
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    Duck recipe needed

    My step dad asked me for a duck dinner. It will be domestic duck but looking for recipes and sides. Thinking duck breast with a sauce, wild rice, and asparagus
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    Fish finder advice

    Looking to upgrade my fish finder, mostly trout in mountain type lake any advice? looking at
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    Cat time

    Im off from the 18th till the 4th of January. Goal is my first mountain lion. Got a cougar back in my rodeo days. Buddy sent me a pic of one he treed today. Hopefully we will get some more snow.
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    White water

    Saw on another thread were there are several river junkies on here. Who all rafts or kayaks? What rivers are your favorite? I grew up on the upper klamath, did a couple other small 3s but did get to go on a saftey boat through Burnt Ranch Trinity river run. Wife and I have several trips...
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    Pickled eggs

    Made some pickled quail eggs and some pickled peppers. Tried smoking some eggs too
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    Portable shooting benches

    What everyone use for a shooting bench? Too many gunsels at the range here and prefer to be more mobile.
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    How do you scout for a late/2nd season hunt

    What is your game plan for a late or second season hunt? My unit can be weather dependent has one prior rifle season immediately before that lasts 3 weeks. And we are hunting 1st week of November so pre rut can start
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    Inreach or inreach mini?

    Looking at one of these for those solo trips hunting and trapping. Who has used one of these? Thanks
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    I want a new smoker

    what smoker is everyone using on here? I have a big Louisiana grill pellet smoker and a little electric masterbuilt vertical smoker but wanting to upgrade to a Pit Boss or Louisiana Grill vertical that can do 2 briskets at a time plus a couple pork buts
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    Favorite mule deer bullet?

    After reading the June July issue from Eastmans and the article on elk bullets, I was wondering what everyone liked for mule deer? I run federal 180 grain Barnes bullet out of my .300 win. for elk .Just wondering what everyone liked