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  1. Bonecollector

    Caribou Antlers

    Looking for some guidance from those of you who have gone before me. I have been told that I need to remove the antler(s) from the skull, or at least one of them for transport. My thought is to mount the antlers or skull cap on a replica skull. Is there a 'best practice' on removal? How the cut...
  2. Bonecollector

    GoPro or Similar Recording Device...?

    Anyone use a GoPro or other filming device that is not a handy-cam or digital camera? I've been intrigued with them for a few years. Seems "GoPro" is a household name and what everyone calls the device they use no matter the brand. Like using a Kleenex to blow your nose. There are dozens of...
  3. Bonecollector

    Equipment for Sale

    Trying to raise a few dollars for future hunts as well as help out my EF brothers & sisters on some "in great condition" used equipment. Reasonable offers will be considered. Digiscope Adapter: Novagrade Scope adaptor- Paid New $125 Tent: Kelty Gunnison 2.2 3 Season Tent (Very good condition)...
  4. Bonecollector

    Trophy Tree

    3 on the Tree! Finally finished my trophy tree. Hung three respectable antelope euro-mounts that I’ve taken in Wyoming over recent years. One average buck and two smokers. Chasing that B&C!
  5. Bonecollector

    Win 6.8

    What are your thoughts on the 6.8? This article states it’s much better than most of the 6 mm rounds and even better than the 7mag as well as the 300 in a few categories. Quite honestly I only agree with being better than the 6MM. The 7 still outshines as do the other large caliber’s using large...
  6. Bonecollector

    Gun Build

    I've been kicking around a new gun build, but I'm waiting to see what our once great nation has in store in February. NO, it's not a creedmore! :rolleyes: Curious on the thoughts from some of you veteran gun owners and others who've done some recent custom builds. Pro's/Con's - Likes/Dislikes...
  7. Bonecollector

    AK. Bound!

    It’s official! I just purchased a one-way ticket from the local airport in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Kotzebue Alaska for my September caribou hunt. Alaska Air was running a 30% discount on any travel completed prior to August 31. Big savings on the outbound flight. I will now watch for...
  8. Bonecollector

    Jim Shockey

  9. Bonecollector

    Poachers... What a joke!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Randy Hampton Northwest Region Public Information Officer 970-640-1647 / UNCOMPAHGRE POACHING CASE ENDS WITH GUILTY PLEAS Operation Game Thief offers rewards in poaching cases GRAND JUNCTION...
  10. Bonecollector


    Not sure what to make of this. I thought I heard licenses sold out in record time. Did folks simply not travel to hunt? I'm not debating the weather track. FWP using narrow, distorted KPIs to inaccurately assess hunt participation and success? Bad data leads to bad decision making for wildlife...
  11. Bonecollector


    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Eastmans Forum Family.
  12. Bonecollector

    WV - CO Connection

    Saw this display at the local Wheeling WV Cabelas. Record book buck shot near Colorado Cowboys stomping grounds.
  13. Bonecollector

    Headed for Wyoming

    Didn’t get out of work on time Thursday but on the road and heading west! Covered nearly 600 miles late day into the night and about to grab some shut eye just inside the Iowa border along I-80. Bow & Rifle on hand and prepared to roam my public lands! Look out antelope and mulies! I’ll try...
  14. Bonecollector

    Tonight is last chance .....

    For Montana Preference and Bonus Points. I just picked up a Deer & Elk ppt. Been 3-4 years since I've been to Montana.
  15. Bonecollector

    Alliant RL26 Powder

    Once again there is a shortage on this powder as well as many others. I’ve searched the World Wide Web high and low with no luck. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some RL 26?
  16. Bonecollector

    Wyoming Left-Over Draw Results

    The draw has been over for more than 4 hours and not a single post.... Come on guys! LOL Anyone put into the leftover draw? If so, anyone draw? Results were as bad as the primary from my initial assessment. However, I did draw a muley doe tag in unit xyz as my 2nd choice. First choice was a...
  17. Bonecollector

    2nd Draw

    In reviewing the leftover tags, I see the phrase, "Quota transferred to D/F Deer Unlimited Species". For example: Unit 24-8. Curious if anyone can enlighten me on what exactly this means. Thanks guys!
  18. Bonecollector

    20% Sale @ First Lite

    20% off through Fathers Day. I'm not sure if it's site-wide or on select items, but may be worth a look.
  19. Bonecollector

    New Build....maybe

    You ever have that nagging ache that you can't shake? Like I don't need a new 28 Nosler.... but I want one. lol Was chatting with a guy and he told me I'd be better off with a 7 SAUM or a 7WSM. The WSM is very close to the 28. Just thought I'd throw this out for conversation.
  20. Bonecollector

    Public Lands Bill

    I’m not sure how many of you saw this but thought it was an interesting read...