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  1. PlainsHunter

    2016 WY Elk harvest Info

    Wyoming has posted the 2016 Elk harvest stats.
  2. PlainsHunter

    Wyoming Elk Area 100 tag numbers

    Looks like they increased to total number of tags in Elk area 100 from 150 in 2015 to a proposed 500 in 2016 (including cow tags) if I'm reading the regulations correctly . Anyone know why they increased by this much? Didn't realize the herd was big enough to support this many...
  3. PlainsHunter

    Elk Tag in the Mail

    My cow elk tag showed up in the mail yesterday. Can't wait to get out hunting this fall.
  4. PlainsHunter

    Type II Block Management / BLM question

    If a piece of BLM land is part of a type II Block Management area and is accessible by a public road, do you need to have permission for the Block Management area in order to hunt the BLM land that falls within the block management area boundary? I understand that you couldn't hunt the...
  5. PlainsHunter

    Wyoming 2014 Elk Harvest Report is on the WGF site

    The Elk harvest report for 2014 is on the Wyoming G&F site now.
  6. PlainsHunter

    Elk Type 4 tag / Area 24- Green Mtn

    Anyone know why the Type 4 cow tag has such a low success rate in Elk area 24? Looks like 16.3% for 2013 and 28.6% for 2012. Do they migrate off the mountain into a different unit? I don't actually have a tag, but am looking at different type 4 tag success rates and this one seemed low so I...
  7. PlainsHunter

    Elk Refund Check

    Just received my elk refund check in the mail today. Seems like the G&F got them sent out fast this year. Good luck to all who drew Elk tags this year. Only a few month before antelope and deer results are out...good luck to everyone!
  8. PlainsHunter

    Antelope Hunt Over

    Hunted south west of Casper this year and found a buck to shoot. Hunted for 8 days and did see 2 or 3 big ones, got busted trying to stalk one of them and pushed him into a neighboring unit. Most of the bigger ones were right around 70" I'm guessing. Not an expert at judging them but I...
  9. PlainsHunter

    Antelope Horn Care- oil?

    Hi Everyone, I know this was discussed on a different thread, but I can't find it. I've read that WD40 protects the horns from drying out. I'm euro mounting my pronghorn antelope from this year and wanted to hear what others use to keep the from drying and cracking and looking dull. I...
  10. PlainsHunter

    Wyoming Deer Antler Point Restriction- question

    Hello Everyone- I'm reading through the Wyoming deer regulations and was wondering if brow tines / eye guards were included in the total point count. I see quite a few units with 3 pt restrictions and area 131 has a 4pt restriction Can't seem to find clarification in the regs Thanks in...
  11. PlainsHunter

    Confused- Wyoming Type 4 vs. Type 6 Elk

    Hi Everyone, I can't figure out the difference between the type 4 anterless elk tag and the type 6 cow/calf tag. Also- it looks like the type 4 tag uses the preference point system and the type 6 doesn't. Any help is apprecaited. Thanks
  12. PlainsHunter

    Antelope 75 / roads

    I'm planning on hunting antelope area 75 mid next week and it is supposed to rain a half inch or so according to the weather forecast...for what that is worth.... Never been to this unit and I am wondering if I'll be able to get around very well if it were to rain. Just driving a standard size...
  13. PlainsHunter

    Riverton / Dry Ice

    Does anyone know of a place in Riverton that sells dry ice? Thanks,
  14. PlainsHunter

    Boysen Reservoir / Antelope

    Hello everyone. Last year I was able to get a 63-2 tag out of the leftover pool. Many of the antelope were congregated around Pathfinder reservoir- especially on the north side of the unit. They would walk down along the sand and drink out of the lake in the same way they use a stock tank...
  15. PlainsHunter

    Rattlesnake Mt. HMA question / Antelope

    I'm trying to draw an antelope area 69 tag this year. I was looking at the rattlesnake mt. HMA rules and I can't tell if the Dumbell Ranch portion of antelope area 69 is open to antelope hunting. One page of the map states that the Dumbell Ranch is open to Elk and mt. lion hunting- and does...
  16. PlainsHunter

    HornHunter Full Curl Combo with Meat Sack

    I recently bought the HornHunter Full Curl Combo with the meat bag option. Has anyone out there used this pack for packing out deer/antelope? I don't know how much weight a person can reasonably expect to pack out with this setup.
  17. PlainsHunter

    Dry Ice in Casper?

    Hope to be hunting antelope unit 73 this fall and was wondering if anyone knew of a place in or near Casper that sells dry ice. I have searched online and can't seem to find anyplace that sells dry ice to the general public...Any info is appreciated-Thanks