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  1. archeranthony

    Diamond Outfitters AZ

    Does anyone have any experience with diamond outfitters in Arizona. I am thinking of doing a late season elk rifle hunt with them.
  2. archeranthony

    My Archery Hitlist (whitetail)

    Here are the ones on the hit list this year. I was out last weekend no big ones yet but it was still pretty warm and a full moon
  3. archeranthony

    Where I’ve been and Pics to show.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. A lot has happened. I started a new career working with my father. A job that has me traveling more than ever and less time to hunt because of losing all my vacation tenure. But that’s ok I can hunt on the weekends and save up some preference points. I...
  4. archeranthony

    WTS Horn Hunter Full Curl Pack

    Hello All, I am wanting to sell my Horn Hunter Full Curl Pack. This will also include the game bag that attaches to the bag. I am asking $250 firm. Also i dont have paypal but i do have Zelle. This includes shipping to the lower 48.
  5. archeranthony

    Back Home from Elk/Deer hunt Unit 18/28

    Well I'm back home in TX now and did not harvest either animal I was hunting for. My fiancé, step dad, mom and I hiked out on Friday August 30th from the Bill Miller trailhead. We setup camp about 4.3 miles in. Ran into quite a few hunters the first day, to my surprise they were all very nice...
  6. archeranthony

    Unit 18 Status

    Hey All, What’s the current status of unit 18 area? Any fires? How has the summer been wet/dry? I’m driving out Wednesday and will be in the woods Friday.
  7. archeranthony

    Citric Acid

    Is Citric Acid spray a must for hunting the 1st week of archery. If I do get a animal I will be 6 miles deep. Should I take a bottle?
  8. archeranthony

    Adjusting to the Elevation

    Question guys. So I’ve been to CO many times but never for hunting. Always winter or summer trips. I will be getting there We’d August 28 and then Hiking in Friday August 30. Should I take a hike on some local trails Thursday to get acclimated or just relax and maybe drive and do some spotting...
  9. archeranthony

    Backcountry Fuelbox

    Came in today.
  10. archeranthony

    Bow tuning higher elevation?

    Hey All, Question. When I go from Dallas TX to Fraser CO. Am I going to see a shot difference in my bow? Will I have to recalibrate by pin gaps on my React ONE sight? Thanks, ArcherAnthony
  11. archeranthony

    iPhone XS Camera

    Have any of you guys used the iPhone XS for pictures. I got one today and took some photos of my pup. Must say it looks pretty good
  12. archeranthony

    July 4th Bass Fishing

    This is how my morning started! 🎣
  13. archeranthony

    Fur Kid Photos

    Here?s my 3 most loyal and best kids lol [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. archeranthony

    Mount Pictures

    Not sure if this is in the right part of the forum but I thought it would be cool to take some pictures of your trophy rooms or some of your mounts. Unfortunately mine are all whitetail and one Texas dall sheep so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. archeranthony

    Happy Father?s Day

    Happy Father?s Day to all the dads and step dads on here. I was fortunate to have a dad and a step dad that both loved me and loved hunting so no matter what house I was at I was always in the outdoors. Here?s to you! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. archeranthony

    Bow Sling

    Any recommendations on a bow sling? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. archeranthony

    Mule Deer Hunting Books

    Anyone have some good reccomendations for mule deer hunting reads. I have already read the public land mulies by David Long. Currently i am reading Backcountry Mulies by Dwight Schuh (pretty sure i just butchered that name). Just looking for more to read. Im also going to get the Mike Eastman...
  18. archeranthony

    Pennsylvania ELK

    Do any of you apply for Pennsylvania Elk Tags? You can apply June 17th. If you get drawn its a great opportunity to get the elk of a lifetime. I grew up in PA and saw one of the biggest bull elk of my life when I was WT deer hunting as a young teen. Scared the heck out of me because we were...
  19. archeranthony

    Into High Country

    Ok guys i know this is the Eastman's forum so first and foremost im a lifetime Eastmans fan both paper and dvd's and tv. But i want to get some opinions on other good western hunting syle shows. Too many Whitetail hunting tv shows IMO. Ive been watching Into High Country on MOTV and wanted to...
  20. archeranthony

    New Toy Today!

    I picked up a S&W 460XVR 3.5 today it was on clearance at Academy. I?ve always wanted one and today that dream came true. Can?t wait to shoot it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk