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    South Dakota 27 B Rifle Any deer

    Looks like I drew one of 16 NR rifle tags for 27b. Never hunted SD but I've spent some time scouting around the area. Any tips on the unit would be greatly appreciated!

    Antelope with 4 points

    Looking for suggestions on a good antelope hunt with 4 points. I'll be looking at mid to late October for 2021. Definitely open to the special draw. I've hunted 20,21 and 22 the last few years and had fun, but I'm hoping for a hunt with less hunters and more antelope. I've been looking at 73...

    Turkey Hunt Gone Wrong- The Story of Saving Tom Longspur

    I posted this interpretation of my turkey hunt gone awry on my blog...thought i'd share it here too ;-) Enjoy my failure! Saving Tom Longspur: The story of how a young policeman saved a turkey on the edge Every spring, thousands of wild turkeys suffer from a condition known as Poultry Anxiety...

    Fenced land on state or BLM

    Had an interesting circumstance hunting public this year and wanted to get some thoughts. Before you say "ask a game warden" I did already and got 2 similar but different answers. There are several areas I know that have high fenced hay storage on public land. The pic below is not where I...


    Looking at burning my points and drawing 75 in the special draw. I've scouted the unit and liked what I saw. Does anyone have experience hunting this unit? My only concern is I will be hunting the very last 3-5 days of season. if its how it was in '19 I'll be working in Wyoming and that's the...

    2020 WSF SHOW

    Anyone on here going to the Sheep Show this year? This will be my first time attending. Although its technically a "work" trip, I'll have some free time to do some advanced scouting for my sheep hunt ;-). Any suggestions on the "must attend" events or things to do? We plan on attending the <1...

    Early season low altitude hunt

    Seems almost like an oxymoron to ask...but anyone have a suggestion on an early season archery hunt at lower altitudes? I have a medical condition that's really been hampering me the last couple seasons once I get about about 7000 feet. No matter what I do, I cant get acclimated. That said...

    New Hunting Trailer / Camper / Toy Hauler build - Follow along!

    I've been toying with the idea of building or converting an enclosed trailer into a hunting rig for some time. Finally bit the bullet and started the project today. I'll post updates as the project continues. I'm really looking forward to this build! Rewinding just a bit, I was up in the air...

    A mostly true story about a mouse I killed tonight

    ---------A mostly true story about a mouse I killed tonight.--------- So My wife tells me she saw a mouse yesterday. I set a trap tonight in the living room to catch the little guy. Now, normally I use standard traps, but tonight I used the Rage Broadhead of mousetraps- the TomKat. Fast...

    My 2018 Wyoming Deer and Antelope story (units 20,21,22 regions Y and X)

    I feel bad for taking so long to post this! My new job in the outdoor industry somehow takes way too much time away from important things like hunting and writing! [emoji12] I was able to sneak away for another epic trip to the Cowboy state though.... Back in the spring I hosted my first...

    Doe/Fawn Archery Dates

    Soooo.....I made a mistake and drew a leftover tag I didn't mean to. Area 164 Type 6 deer. The dates for rifle season are after I had planned my hunt date. Where can I find the dates for doe/fawn archery? Is there such a beast? I'm perfectly content donating the 40 bucks to Wyoming if not...

    Hd 202 elk

    Hey guys, Anyone ever hunted 202? (General Elk Archery) I've found some ok looking areas on google earth but I'm green as can be to elk. If anyone could provide some insight, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've hunted mules in elk country before but I was never as steep as what I'm seeing in...

    2018 Western Hunting Boot Camp

    Back in January, I started my first real job (after 10 years of being a cop :p ). The coolest thing about working in the hunting industry now is I get to travel and share my love of hunting. This year, my new employer let me hold a free seminar for first time western hunters. We capped the group...

    More Wyoming elk questions

    Planning my first elk hunt has me feeling like a total rookie hunter again. I have 3 points. I can either draw a general tag or put in the special and draw a unit that ive deer hunted twice and seen elk. I didnt elk hunt it, but at least id know where to start. Im fortunate to have a new job...

    PP draw question

    This is my first year where I'll be in the pp draw. I think I can draw the unit I want in the special pp draw. However, I was going to put general as my second choice. If I draw my second choice, will I still lose my points? Im only playing with 3 points but I still dont want to burn em on a...

    My 2017 Wyoming Deer and Antelope Hunt (lots of pics)

    I'm a little late in posting this story, but hopefully it'll help someone next year! Back in August, I took my wife and 2 year old son to Wyoming on a short scouting trip/ family vacation That story is here...

    Family Scouting Trip- Wyoming and South Dakota

    Just returned home from a nice scouting trip to Wyoming with my family. Had a great trip and am pretty happy with the tags I drew after seeing what lives in the units. I've been hunting out west for the past 5 years now and am absolutely addicted. My wife is a high school teacher, so...

    Rattlesnakes near Buffalo?

    Headed out for a scouting trip next week to unit 20 & 22. Any issues with rattle snakes there? They dont bother me much but I'll have my wife and 2 year old so I want to be prepared. Gonna go into the mountains one day but will mostly be in the foothills and prarie. Thanks! Sent from my...

    Planning for Elk

    So 2018 will be the year to delve into elk hunting for me. Im indesicive on where to start. Here are some options and plans I have. Wyoming- My original plan was to elk hunt every 3rd year drawing a Wyoming General tag and learn an area. I'll have 3 points going into the 2018 draw. Option 1...

    Building points for a kid?

    Started thinking today about building points for my kid. Hes only 2 so i have a little time to plan 😜 What age/states can I start buying him points? Where would you start now? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk