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    Hard to see hens at first glance.

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    Still has antlers!

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    Surprise bear attack

    A lady in Haines Alaska got a big surprise yesterday when using her outhouse. She sat down and was promptly bit on her butt by a bear! Apparently a black bear had crawled into the hole! :ROFLMAO: The lady is fine. I sure wouldn't want to be the one to skin the bear!
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    Application time.

    Alaska's drawing permit application time is ongoing now. It goes to mid-December. Check the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website to see the permit hunt supplement. Best of luck to all who apply!
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    Already a shed?

    Near the border of Idaho and Wyoming yesterday. Seems a bit too soon to be shedding but didn't look broken off. Nice buck though!
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    Missing some forum friends

    Has anyone heard from Umpqua Hunter in a while? I know he had won a hunt somewhere. Hope it went well and that he hasn't gone the way of Musket Man or Bitterroot Bulls!
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    Happy Birthday Colorado Cowboy!

    Hope you have a great day Roger! Obviously, most all of the best folks were born on this date! 🤣
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    Peeping Tom buck

    I caught this cool looking buck peeping into our living room window, late one night. Photo taken thru the plate glass window. You can see the reflection of a hand cream bottle.
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    Another bear attack

    I don't have many details but a hunter was killed by a bear near the Chisana river. I know that Tok air flew the person into the field. I've flown into that area many times. The guide that I knew in the area is no longer in business, thank goodness! Prayers go out for the persons family.
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    Alaska travel

    Here's a quick update, for what it's worth. My usual Fall expedition down the Alcan to Oregon was cut short at the Alaska/Yukon border. Even with a very recent negative Covid test result and my friendliest "good morning smile", we were abruptly turned away as non-essential. It was essential to...
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    A couple more bulls.

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    A couple young bulls!

    A couple young bulls from last evening.
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    Bullet choices?

    So, I've been having fun loading for the .270 winchester! So far, it seems to like 130gr Hornady Interlock and 150gr Nosler Partitions. I'm using H-4831sc for both and getting good results. I haven't choreographed them yet but they are close to "Book Max". My thoughts are to use the 150 Nosler...
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    Weird weather

    You all get some weird weather down there. I looked at the weather forecast for Laramie this morning (my son lives there). A high of 86 today but by Tuesday a low of 0 and heavy snow warning! We're a balmy high of 59 and low of 44 this week! How do you even know how to dress down there! :p
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    Moose spray?

    Yep, bear spray works on moose. I encountered an aggressive cow with a calf at less than 10yards this evening. Ears back and hackles up she came after my wife and I and our dog. Both my wife and I sprayed it with bear spray. The cow stopped, shook her head and walked away with her calf. Pretty...
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    Bear attack

    I don't have all the details, but my neighbor's 46 year old son was killed by a brown bear. He lives in a small town across Turnagin Arm from Anchorage on the Kenai Peninsula. Apparently he was clearing a trail thru his property to a berry patch when he encountered the bear. He was dead when...
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    New rifle

    I bought a new rifle. Being a bit of a traditionalist, I found what I thought is a good deal on a Mauser M12 in .270 Winchester. So far, so good. It seems to like 140 and 150 grain loads best. About 1" at 100. Only factory loads so far until I can catch back up with my .270 loading stuff that's...
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    Driving thru Canada

    We had an interesting trip, driving thru Canada. First, We were allowed to drive thru because of being Alaska residents that needed to get home. Prior to going to the boarder, I called the Canadian travel authority to see if it was even possible to transit thru their country. The answer was a...
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    Cassiar bears/wolf

    A drive up the Cassiar highway last week. I counted 47 bears near the road and 1 wolf! 1 bear needs serious dental work!
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    Happy Mothers Day!

    Wishing all the moms on this forum a Happy Mothers Day! This one is especially poignant for me as my mom passed last Tuesday. She was there for my first breath, I was there for her last.