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  1. wa-hunter

    idaho moose sheep goat results are out

    nothing for me or the wife. anyone draw anything cool?
  2. wa-hunter

    colorado archery deer

    i am looking into doing a archery backpack high country hunt this year. i am looking at 53 or 54. eastmans MRS doesn't mention 53 or 54 for archery so i am just looking for a little feed back. i know this area got hit hard in the winter of 07/08. is it reasonable to go in and hunt hard and...
  3. wa-hunter

    methods for turning white antlers brown?

    was wondering if anyone had any tips for turning white antlers brown. my archery blacktail had velvet that was starting to slip when i shot it so i peeled it all off and now the antlers are pure white. would like to get them brown if possible and was wondering what you all thought. tried dark...
  4. wa-hunter

    idaho moose sheep and goat are up!!!!

    no moose tag for me. what did you all draw?
  5. wa-hunter

    hey guys and gals

    just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. i live in Washington and live to fish and hunt. i hunt archery and rifle but love my bow. i try and hunt 3+ states a year. have been a member to eastmans for a few years now and love veiwing this forum so i thought i would join. look forward to...