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    Nor-Cal Success

    At 66 years of age with a knee replacement on the horizon I decided to use my California points on a Likely Tables Antelope hunt and an X5B Deer hunt. A good friend and I drew the Antelope together, however; due to a detached retina he had to cancel at the last minute. I opted to hunt solo...
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    Which state has the best opportunities and draw odds for Resident Hunters

    If you were going to relocate to any state of your choice. Which state or states would be at that top of your list for opportunity, draw odds and a great place to live?
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    What's Your Favorite Box Call?

    Cleaning, chalking and running some box calls this morning. What's your favorite? I like my ET Ed Terefenko and Bruce Wurth American Friction long boxes when I need to reach out. Merriam's can't resist my Marvin Robbins Timberline and Joe Slaton Mother Lode short boxes. Can't wait to try my...
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    Grandson's First Chukar

    Had a fun hunt for Chukar and Quail with my Grandson Cole and Willow
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    Nevada Chukar

    Taking 2 of my adult (19, 23) grandsons to Nevada next Tuesday to hunt Chukar. Neither have been on an out of state hunt. I have hunted Lava Beds before but I see the aerial survey shows it way down this year. Any suggestions? Buffalo Hills? Please comment or pm me with any help you are willing...
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    Scoring in the Junipers and Pines

    Love hunting those High Country Merriam's! Had a great trip to Colorado and New Mexico. The first Tom had a 10 1/4 inch beard, the second a more typical 8 inch Merriam beard. A few sheds to boot.
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    California South Grasslands

    Slowest December/January I can remember in the past 15 years. I did manage six birds today, including a couple of Spoonies. My Grandson Cole made this BBQ Spatula for me in HS Shop. Trying to live up to my Waterfowl nickname.
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    Pre-Cooked Meals for Base Camp

    How many of you prepare and freeze meals for base camp? This is pasta sauce with last year's venison processed into Italian Sausage. Once cooked and placed in heavy duty zip lock bags it is laid flat in the freezer. The meals are then placed in a Yeti with dry ice and thawed for cooking as...
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    Steel City Beer

    As I get older and due to requests from kids and grandkids I have decided to try and document some of my most memorable hunts and trips over the years. As I was putting together stories and pictures I recalled one true story that I thought the group would enjoy. A friend and I were hunting in...
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    You Know You Are a Hunter from California If?

    Being a life-long Californian I have encountered some strange reactions when hunters see your CA license plate on an out of state hunt. In fact just a couple of years ago we were trying to reach a camp spot Southeast of Rock Springs after a snow storm. The roads were extremely slick and muddy...
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    The Miss That Haunts You?

    Do any of you have that one miss that haunts you? It just stays in your head. You think about it when you are trying to go to sleep? It pops into your mind as you plan your next hunt? You think about it when you are preparing for a shot at another animal. I have a couple. I drew an Oryx Tag in...
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    Pre-64 Model 70 back from the gunsmith

    This Model 70 30:06 was given to me by my father several years ago as a gift for a job promotion. I started using the gun as a teenager and killed my first Deer, Elk and Antelope with it before Dad passed it on to me. The gun is a little on the heavy side but is a tack driver. I decided to have...
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    X5A-X5B in 2015?

    Starting to think about my 2015 deer application options. I have max points, however my son who would like to hunt with me is a point behind. Looking at draw odds we both should be able to draw most of the X-zone hunts as a party. We are considering X5A or X5B. I have not hunted in those areas...
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    Just One Thing

    I will be heading out on my first Coues Deer (rifle) hunt in New Mexico in a few weeks. If there was just one word of advice an experienced Coues Deer hunter could pass on what would it be? Thanks
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    Old Leupold Alumina Scope Cover Part # 58795 42mm

    My hunting partner is looking for a Leupold Alumina flip up scope cover for an older fixed 6X with a 42mm objective. Everything on-line shows the item as discontinued or out of stock. Leupold does not make it any longer. Does anyone out there know of one on a shelf at a sporting goods/gun shop...
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    Baggs Area Game Processor

    Anyone familiar with Snake River Processing in Baggs? Experiences? Any other processor you would suggest? We will be hunting near there in region "W" after our Antelope hunt. If things go as planned we should have 3 Antelope to either keep in cold storage or process and freeze while we hunt...
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    Happy Mothers Day!

    Happy Mother's Day! My Mom is in her 80's and going strong. My wife and I have been married for 32 going on 33 years. The other day I asked her what she saw in me all those years ago. She said she liked that I was "big, strong and would be a great provider". What really hit home was when she...
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    Lathrop and Sons Tech-Light Hunter Boot?

    Has anyone tried Lathrop and Sons Tech-Light Hunter Boot? It is a Lowa Cevedale. I am in the market for a light weight non-insulated hunting boot. There is no place near where I live to try on quality boots. I ordered a pair of Kenetrek Bridger Ridge boots and was extremely disappointed. The...
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    Thanks Forum Members

    I would like to thank the Forum Members who provided information on areas to scout for my Nevada Hunt. Had a successful couple of trips and a great hunt. Could not pass this guy with his horns pointing forward with good hook and length. Right 16 1/8 left 15 1/2. Although not real heavy mass wise...
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    J3 Apprentice Hunt

    Hey Hunters, My Grandson drew a J3 Deer Tag for the Tehama Wildlife Area (Nov 30- Dec 1). I will be taking him there for his first Deer hunt. Anyone familiar with the Wildlife Area and can provide some info it would be appreciated. I have hunted Turkey and Quail near there and have some basic...