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  1. PlainsHunter

    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    Drew a type 4 cow tag with my wife. Excited to head back to WY this year.
  2. PlainsHunter

    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    Applied for a type 4 cow tag with my wife. Good luck to everyone.
  3. PlainsHunter

    Daughter’s big 8

    That's a great buck - congratulations to your daughter!
  4. PlainsHunter

    MT Region 7 BMA's

    I called 2 BMA's on Saturday (first day allowed) and both already had many of their openings booked. I was able to get a reservation but had to be flexible and adjust to their open spots. For me it's been the same every year for the last several years.
  5. PlainsHunter

    Just curious!!

    Mine showed up on Saturday.
  6. PlainsHunter

    Favorite mule deer bullet?

    I like the 140 GR Hornady Interlocks out of my .270 win.
  7. PlainsHunter

    Access Yes

    It's a great program. I've hunted walk in areas, and an HMA and all had antelope and deer on them.
  8. PlainsHunter

    WY Draw Results Antelope/Deer/Elk (Residents)

    Burned my 5 antelope points and drew a buck tag. Excited to head back to WY this year.
  9. PlainsHunter

    receipt charge?

    You are correct. It's the conservation stamp. I received the same charge yesterday.
  10. PlainsHunter

    Access Yes

    I usually donate $20-$30 per year to access yes. I don't donate to the search and rescue.
  11. PlainsHunter

    MT results are in

    Drew a MT Non Res deer combo tag. Happy to be going to Mt this year.
  12. PlainsHunter

    Finally! Wyoming Bound in 12hrs.

    Safe travels and good luck !!!
  13. PlainsHunter

    Tagged Out

    Great bucks! Congrats!
  14. PlainsHunter

    Nice thing about hunting the mountains

    Not a fan of rattlesnakes. They creep me out.
  15. PlainsHunter

    Walk In Areas

    The Walk In program and the HMA program are great. Really glad they exist. I donate to them when I apply for my license.
  16. PlainsHunter

    Walk In Areas

    If access is lousy in a unit, and you only have a couple of smaller walk in areas, they can get hit pretty hard. In other units where access is decent with a fair amount of BLM and other public land, the walk in areas sometimes get less pressure and hold good numbers of animals. It just depends.
  17. PlainsHunter

    Official Post Padding Thread

    I haven't posted up much lately..........
  18. PlainsHunter

    Wyoming Tag

    My WY antelope doe tags arrived last week in MN.
  19. PlainsHunter

    Deer, elk and 'lope

    Yep- It's a great antelope area for sure. I hunted across the road on the -2 tag a few years ago.
  20. PlainsHunter

    Happy 4th !!!

    Have a great 4th everyone !!!!!!!