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    Lake Clark National Park; Chilikondrotna river float

    Well the wife wanted an adventure for our anniversary. So we flew to Alaska and then took a bush flight into upper twin lake where the Dick Proeneke cabin is. We visited the cabin and then i rowed both lakes and floated the chili and mulchotna rivers. Roughly 100 miles from where we where...
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    Is there a sheep issue this year?

    Just curious, but i thought the sheep issue came out before the elk issue? Did i miss it? thanks tim
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    Muley or cross with whitetail?

    So seen this doe last night. Muley rump with a whitetail face. I don't see many muleys here, mainly whitetail. Outside of Coeur d alene, idaho.
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    We need to go back to: Ride Fast and Take Chances

    I just got off of the phone with a phone solcitor, he ended with stay safe, stay healthy. I came back with we need to :Ride fast and take chances. I guess when i look back to the 90's and ride fast and take chances was the slogan(mountain biker), life was simpler, funner and way less...
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    Any tips or tricks to replacing stuck blades in an outdoor edge knife?

    I have a replaceable blade outdoor edge knife for about 5 years. It has cut up a fair amount of animals, the last few times i have noticed that it is getting harder to replace the blade. I am guessing dried up blood ect. Now i can not remove the blade. Any tips or tricks. I have cleaned it...
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    Boom time or Doom time where you live?

    Just curious as to how the economies are doing where you live. In north Idaho it is definately BOOM time. Business is really good, unemployment is low, For the most part we have came back to February levels. How is it where you are?
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    Ok Folks, serious question here

    Ok, serious question. When you are air guitaring, do you switch up the instruments based on the song, or do you stick to the air guitar. ie do you switch back and forth between the drums and air guitar, or stay air guitar. Some I imagine throw the sax in. So lets hear about how you folks...
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    pump action 12 ga versus 45-70 lever rifle for alaskan bear defense

    So which one would you pick for your alaskan grizzly bear defense gun? Both have merits.
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    Sunday funday, sledding the selkirks of idaho

    Fun day practicing social distancing. Selkirk mts of North idaho. Normal snow pack up high. Lacking big time down low.snowpack up
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    Am I the only one who does not enjoy cleaning firearms?

    Hunting season has been over for 6 weeks and just getting around to cleaning the rifles. I don't know why, but I just don't enjoy it. I understand why I have to and all. Any one else feeling the same way?
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    Don't put all your faith in onx!

    I have been dealing with the forest service law enforcement on a certain individual going where he should not be going. While talking to the USFS law enforcement officer, they told me they are coming across people using onx, and it is wrong. use onx if you want, but verify with the latest...
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    New to muzzleloading, looking for some help and guidance.

    Well I bought a traditions pursuit g4 northwest edition. I live in Idaho and we have a little more restrictions on muzzleloaders. ie open ignition, loose powder, no optics, no 209 primer. I don't think we can use sabots. I did have hawken as a kid, but that was over 30 years ago. So...
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    Say what you will about Yeti coolers, they do keep ice!

    I loaded up a yeti 125 cooler with a bunch of frozen water in plastic bottles. I loaded the cooler up on sept 14th. I ended up not needing the cooler and just never got around to unloading it. Last night on sept 25, I unloaded the cooler. There was still ice in the plastic jugs. That is...
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    4 bear hunters missing in the selway river. I saw this on a whitewater page I look at. Bummer deal.
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    game cam pics, which one do you keep?

    I was just curious as to what game cam pics people keep. I just looked at one of my cards from the month of april and lots of cow elk, doe whitetail, couple coyotes and 2 bulls. one with last years horns and one growing this years set. I will probably create a file and throw the 2 bulls in...
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    rebarrelling a ruger m77 270wsm

    Well I "shot out" my ruger m77 in 270wsm. head space is allowing the case to expand to much. So what are my options for rebarreling. I have heard that rugers are not as easy to rebarrel. I don't know if that is true or not. If I just want to throw on another 270 wsm barrel, which barrel...
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    well i got a mountain lion

    Well I got a mountain lion. I shot a spike elk and while breaking the elk down, I kept looking around. I could tell something was out there. I assumed more elk. It took me 3 hours to get back to the kill site, with my bigger pack to start packing quarters out. When I approached the kill...
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    mountain lion meat, any recipes?

    So I have a couple of backstraps and the hind quarters off of a small mountain lion. I was told to cube and marinade in teriyaki and grill on the bbq. any one have any recipes for this animal? I have never tried it before. thanks tim
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    2017 elk success thread, post em up

    just as the title states post up your 2017 elk harvest any elk is a good elk.
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    out of curosity, does the eastman bow journal have rifle hunts in it?

    I was reading the rifle version of eastmans and there where a couple of bow hunting stories in there. I don't bow hunt so I don't get the bow journal, but are there rifle articles in the bow magazine? just curious.