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  1. idcwby

    Oregon’s Latest Stupidity

    I can’t believe people would actually vote for something like this. This isn’t hunting related, but it concerns the future of our children.
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    HR 3960

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on this?
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    Oregon Trying to Ban Hunting
  4. idcwby

    17 Remington

    What’s the good, bad, and ugly about it? It’s a cartridge that has always appealed to me for some reason. Finally got a gun, that I could turn into a 17, so just seeing what everyone else’s thought on the cartridge is?
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    Is anyone using the Garnin Alpha system? What is good and bad about it? Any other systems like them worth looking at?
  6. idcwby

    Wyoming Changes

    Ran across a post mentioning that Wyoming might changing stuff for non-residents? Did a search and all I found was an article about changes to elk tags, was that all?
  7. idcwby

    HB 300
  8. idcwby

    Rule and Boundary Changes Voice your opinions.
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    Story to Think About

    A “mouse” was put at the top of a jar filled with grains. He was so happy to find so much food around him that no longer he felt the need to run around searching for food and now he could happily live his life. After a few days of enjoying the grains, he reached the bottom of the jar. Now he was...
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    Dog Food

    What’s everyone using for their hunting dogs? I’m using Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20, but doesn’t seem to be keeping the weight on my GSP this year. Thinking I may need to switch.
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    Prices includes shipping. Zeiss Conquest HDs. 10x42. Used. Comes with a Rick Young bino strap and Bino Slicker cover. $800 OBO
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    Pellet Gun

    Been looking at getting a .22 cal pellet gun. Is there any difference in the ones under $300? Do the silencers on them help at all? What kind of accuracy is obtainable with them? Thanks
  13. idcwby

    54 Cal Muzzleloader Bullet

    Just figured out Hornady has quit making their 54 cal conical. What has everyone gone to? I can’t seem to find anything in stock that is pure lead, thanks Idaho. My TC has a slow enough twist that it doesn’t do well with bullets over the 420gr range. Never shot anything with round balls...
  14. idcwby

    Chainsaw Sharpener

    Had a buddy show me a video of one of these and have been confused ever since on how they work. I don’t think they would work on a normal chain because I don’t see how they could. Interesting scam possibly?
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    Baiting Lawsuit Continues Maybe if the recovered grizzly bear wasn’t on the endangered species list this wouldn’t be a problem. idcwby
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    Emergency Meeting
  17. idcwby

    VAP Target

    Everyone shooting the VAP arrows with the outserts into? I have a bag target, but I have a very hard time getting the arrows out. I’ve had no issues with my block, but trying to save it just for broadheads. Thanks idcwby
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    IDFG Kills 200 Elk
  19. idcwby

    Dog House’s

    What is everyone using for an outside dog house? Been looking at insulated ones and not sure what to get. Thought about building, but it looks like it would be cheaper to buy one. Thanks idcwby
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    Honda Fatcat

    I know a few members on here have Fatcats, I just picked one up a little over a year ago. I need to change the oil in it and was wondering what everyone else has been using? Anything else I should know about them? Thanks idcwby