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    Thor bullets

    I'm in need of some more. I had phone malfunction last year and lost Terry's number. I see there is a website now and fancy packaging. Still the same old quality bullet?
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    Big Agnes sandhoffer 20

    Looking at this mummy bag. Wanting something warmer. Not looking for ultra light weight. Just a decent bag that's better than my old kelty. I'm 6'1" and wide at the shoulder. This one seems to have a decent foot box and not be super narrow. Anyone have one? Do you like it?
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    Portable power

    I'm looking for something to give me a few charges of a cell phone. I have been looking at the goal zeros Sherpa 100pd. Wondering if there is something better. I have also been looking for maybe something like those small battery boosters so it could pull double duty. Something that will...
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    Case trimmer

    I'm in need of my first case trimmer. Not a high volume shooter. I'm torn between the Lyman universal and the rcbs pro trim 2. Id like to be able to connect it to a power drill for ease of use and a little speed. Looking at them I can make that happen. I'm looking for pros and cons of each...
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    Zeiss dialyt vs vortex razor hd

    I am looking at a Zeiss dialyt 18-45x65 vs a vortex razor HD 22-45x65. Both straight both focus down to close to each other. Vortex is 1/2ish pound heavier. Dimensions are similar. Zeiss will cost me $150-200 more than the vortex. Is there something I am missing or should be looking at...
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    Did you guys get any of this snow the news is talking about?
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    Digital calipers...

    Just getting into the reloading game. What is a decent pair of calipers?
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    Long hauling meat

    A few of us are looking to go on a moose hunt. Probably close to 35-40 hours drive time plus staying overnight at least once. Looking to hear what you guys do to keep meat. We are thinking chest freezer.
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    Razor UHD 10x42

    Has anyone used these. I have an opportunity to pick up a pair. I don't have the ability to check them out. So I'm looking for someone who had used them and tell me how they compare. Thanks
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    Angled or straight??

    I'm looking to pick up my first spotting scope. I'm looking at the vortex razor HD in 22-48x65. But I could be pursuaded another direction. I live in Michigan but travel to CO to hunt now and soon to be WY. I have only ever used a spotting scope at the range. With my limited use I have...
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    Magazine cut off

    How important is a magazine cut off switch or button to you? Why?
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    Savage model 16 stock barrel gap

    I just picked up a savage model 16 weather warrior in 22-250. The gap between the bottom of the barrel and the stock is quite large. I can fit the shaft of a screw driver between them. So it's approx a 3/16" gap. I have 2 other weather warrior and the gap is not nearly at large. I have had...
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    Leupold VX-freedom

    I need to replace the scope on my 12 gauge slug gun. The swift I had took a crap. This is the 3rd one. Time for a switch. I have been looking at the Leupold VX-freedom in a 3-9x40. Has anyone used one of these yet?
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    SBE vs. M2

    What are the main differences between a SBE and an M2 besides the 3.5 inch capacity. Thanks
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    Imr enduron powders

    I'm looking to work up a load for my 7 mag and 7-08 with the Barnes tsx bullet. Both rifle are Savage weather warriors. The new imr enduron powders intrigue me. Has anyone tried them yet?
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    Weighted pack training

    For the last year I have been using my cabelas pack frame at the gym once a week. Most of the time I load it up and use the stair machine for 20-30 minutes. I started at 35 pounds if I remember correctly and have added 5 pounds every 6 weeks or so. I will move up to 80 pounds at the beginning...
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    Moisture control for your safe

    What are you guys using? My brother has a cannon safe. He doesn't have anything to help with moisture. The safe is on the first floor of his house. So it's not a huge issue, but I figured it would be a good Christmas present.
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    Boot lacing directions

    Once upon a time I had some directions on different ways to lace up your boots and what they helped with. Anyone have a copy?
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    First aid

    What do you guys take with you for a first aid kit?
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    Meat pack

    eberlestock F1 mainframe or Cabela's Alaskan pack frame are the only two I've found to t look at. Looking for a meat pack for elk. Give me the good, the bad and the ugly or something else to look at