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  1. kidoggy

    interesting read for those who care
  2. kidoggy

    R.I.P. MR Hall

    Tom T HALL has passed . one of my all time favorites. the world was without a doubt brighter for his being here . I spect he's kicked back with his old dog , looking down on his children and sipping some watermellon wine!!!!!!
  3. kidoggy

    string mowers

    I am getting tired of using the hand held weedeaters .anyone here ever had much use for a string mower to clear their property of tall grass ,weeds and light brush. was considering buying one for my properties tree line . ground is somewhat uneven and rocky and roughly about an acre of...
  4. kidoggy

    2021 draw results

    welp ,that is it the controlled draw app period is over . good luck!!!!!!!!! last year the results were out by the 19th of june . hope they can do it again.
  5. kidoggy

    IDFG regs

    what a testament to the competency of our game management org. the paper regs finally came out and we are only halfway through the controlled hunt application period. they deserve a big round of applause!!!!!!!!!!!!;):ROFLMAO: hopefully they can manage to get the results of the draw out...
  6. kidoggy

    is NRA doomed ???????????

    will the mighty NRA FALL ? the antis couldn't take em down but the corruption from within may??( much like the coming fall of the U.S.A ) what thinks the site members?? Federal judge denies NRA attempt to declare bankruptcy in win for New York state attorney general
  7. kidoggy

    multiple coyotes

    let's hear some tales of successful predator calls . the most coyotes I have ever had come in to one call was seven. I have been able to score on many doubles but only once pulled off a triple. weapon was my trusty ruger m77 .223 there were 5 in that group and they came in fast from my...
  8. kidoggy

    gun regs yay or nay???

    saw this on another site and thought it might be fun to see who thinks what on the subject . for those who can't follow the directions below please try to keep it civil or address others in PM s if you must. this is to see how people think gun laws SHOULD be, NOT how they interpret them...
  9. kidoggy

    elk . tough as a leather boot

    I killed a cow elk last year and it is the toughest dang meat I ever et. this last meal I let it marinate for three days and it didn't help it . what are some of the members go tos for solving this when cooking???? I can eat it when I grind it up for hamburger or shred it in a crockpot but...
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    I see kenetreks are on sale now at sportsmans warehouse for roughly $100. off mtn extremes $383
  11. kidoggy

    who's killin coyotes

    I have to admit the past few years , it seems like I have been letting life get in the way of my calling. seems like something always comes up . since I keep making excuses not to go ,instead of just admitting I am getting old,fat and lazy, I am turning to living vicariously through you...
  12. kidoggy

    draw weight ??????????????????????

    what would you experienced bow hunters consider the minimum needed draw weight for an elk????? I ask because I want to get back into bow hunting next year but have had rotator cuff issues and bicep and it is going to take me some work to get back there again. right now I struggle to pull...
  13. kidoggy

    another democrat grab for guns

    those interested should contact their senators and representatives. this bill is being introduced by the very same congresman who thought gaum might tip over.
  14. kidoggy

    shake it up baby

    6.5 earthquake . in Idaho tonight, 60 or so miles west of challis or north of Stanley. felt it in mtn home but zero damage. hope all forum members are faring well. was also a 4.2 aftershock half hour or so ago.
  15. kidoggy

    shelter in place

    welp the guvna shut my work down for next three weeks (or more ). guess with no place in particular to be for next few weeks I can get some of the things done at home I have been putting off. maybe I'll paint , so the house looks great when the bank comes for it. lol. be safe folks . and...
  16. kidoggy

    R.I.P. gambler

    country singer Kenny rogers has passed away at 81. my condolences go out to his family and loved ones. he was truly one of the greats!
  17. kidoggy

    Idaho wolf update

    F&G commission increases number of wolf tags hunters and trappers can purchase By Brian Pearson, Conservation Public Information Specialist Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - 10:19 AM MST Up to 15 hunting tags and 15 trapping tags can now be purchased by individual in a year During their meeting in...
  18. kidoggy

    field dress torque knives

    I have literally hundreds of knives . I have a problem,I just can't seem to pass on buying them. :D I have been watching videos of the field torque knives lately. they sure look to work pretty slick on cutting the pelvis. something I always seem to struggle with. anyone tried one yet
  19. kidoggy

    skre hardscrabble vs kuiu attack pants?

    I have the attacks been looking at the hardscrabble . any opinions on how they compare?
  20. kidoggy


    krypteks got some good clearance deals going on , through gander mtn just bought the mens cadog softshell jacket for $116 mens vallhalla pants on sale for 50ish. that's 50% off on each if anyone is into kryptek products