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  1. buckbull

    College Visit

    I did a college visit with my daughter yesterday. Our tour guide introduced herself "My name is XXXXX. I go by the pronouns she and her". At that point, I knew I was in trouble. We were standing outside in the quad area of the school and a wasp was bothering my daughter and I. Growing up...
  2. buckbull

    Colorado National Parks - family vacation

    We are in the initial planning of a summer family vacation that we plan on visiting all 4 national parks in Colorado. Plan on flying into Denver and starting with Rocky Mountain National park staying in maybe Boulder, Estes Park etc...Then we will head to the southeast to see Black Canyon and...
  3. buckbull

    Stock shortening

    I have a Remington 870 and 7600 that both have the old style plastic butt stock plates. I'd like to swap them out with a limbsaver recoil pad. I'm not interested in the slip on pads. To keep the length of pull the same I will have to cut a portion of the stock off. I ran across the following...
  4. buckbull

    Venison burger with organs

    I give my uncle deer burger almost every year. He loves it. He asked me what I do with the heart and liver and told him him I leave them in the field. He asked if the heart and liver good be added to the burger. I never thought about it but I guess you can. Has anybody ever done this and if...
  5. buckbull

    Amazon prime deals - Tipton & Wheeler

    For those that are Amazon prime members, they have some wheeler and tipton supplies on sale.
  6. buckbull

    Coyote Prey - What is it?

    Buddy capture this photo on the his trail camera a few days ago. I believe the coyote has a fawn in its mouth. What do you guys think?
  7. buckbull

    Cabin Build Delayed

    Father-in-law and I were replacing a patio door on the sunroom. 1 day job turned into a 1 month job really quick. Finally have it finished so I can turn my attention back to the cabin build.
  8. buckbull

    Reusing fry oil

    I've been frying alot of fish lately and was wondering what everyone here does in regards to reusing the oil. I've done several methods over the years. Line a funnel with cheese cloth. Used an extra fine wire basket. I've read that guys have good luck using panty hose stretched over a...
  9. buckbull

    Cabin Build - Timeline with lots of pics.

    We have a small piece of property that we deer hunt on. We moved this mobile home into place in 1991 and it served us well for many years. Eventually the roof started to leak bad enough that patching and roof coatings were not cutting it anymore. So in 2014 I framed a roof, had it sheeted and...
  10. buckbull

    Illinois buck 2019

    Shot a nice buck last Sunday afternoon. Bucks are really chasing right now.
  11. buckbull

    Antler Coffee Table Project

    I had a tub full of antlers that I've collected over the years. Decided to create a shadow box coffee table to display them in. The wood is western red cedar with just a couple coats of polyurethane. I'm happy with the way it turned out.
  12. buckbull

    Today's Menu - Teriyaki and TexMex snack sticks and Hot Dogs

    Ground up 30 pounds of venison and pork ( 45% venison, 45% pork loin, 10% pork fat). 10 pounds of each flavor stuffed into 21mm casings. Hot dogs turned out fantastic. I've been using kits from and everyone I have tried has been fantastic.
  13. buckbull

    Tracking your stolen gear

    I was wondering if anyone is using, has used, or know someone using the Spot Trace service. I store a couple ATV's at my property. I keep them them chained up but someone could take a a small 4" grinder and get thru the chain in a few minutes and I'm in a desolate location (no houses or...
  14. buckbull

    Army selects Sig Sauer P320 for M9 replacement

    Just wondering people's thoughts on this selection and if anyone has experience with the Sig. I have a Beretta 92fs which I really like; reliable and accurate although it is very heavy compared to all the polymer framed pistols out there. Mildly surprised they kept with the 9mm since one of...
  15. buckbull

    Score this deer

    I had this buck at 10 yards and then at 15 yards twice. Was with a doe that had bedded down about 40 yards from me and the buck just paced back and forth. I ended up letting it walk for several reasons. Just wondering what you think he would score.
  16. buckbull

    Supporting Conservation through Amazon

    Hey guys, I was on Amazon today buying some gifts for my daughters upcoming 12th birthday. You can now setup your account to donate .5% of your amazon purchases to a charity of your choice. I chose RMEF but they also have Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Mule Deer Foundation, and many other...
  17. buckbull

    Bass Pro pursuing acquisition of Cabelas Not sure if this is a good thing for the sportsman's market place. I have both stores within 45 minutes and prefer Cabelas over BP because Cabelas has more and higher quality hunting merchandise...
  18. buckbull

    Fishing the Bitterroots!!!

    So who's up for flinging some Rapalas after all those large mouth bass in the Bitteroots????? :D
  19. buckbull

    coyote hunting 2016

    Got a smoking deal on a primo’s alpha dog caller from Amazon during Christmas. Was able to get out for the first time Sunday and give it a try. Called in 2 dogs in the first 10 minutes of calling. Was only able to get a shot on the one. They came into the call hauling ass and this yote ran...
  20. buckbull

    Huge Mule Deer

    All I have is a picture. Sure is a nice muley.