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  1. Catahoula12

    GAS Bowstrings

    Looking to replace string/cables on my primary bow, Mathews Halon 32 (6). Has or does anyone have knowledge of GAS for my particular bow? Considering Ghost XV.... input would be appreciative. Thank you.
  2. Catahoula12

    Mathews Halon 32

    Does anyone own and has shot many times their Halon 32? I am currently shooting a Mathews Chill R 70lb set at 63lbs. My question is are there any huge differences? Quieter? I am happy with the Chill R and have been shooting this bow for approx 4 years. I?ve looked at the Halon 32 and held but...
  3. Catahoula12

    Elk unit 7/8

    Up at my 2nd rifle elk hunt. Need some constructive advice. It?s blowing like hell up here so I?m sure nothing is moving. Was wondering if I should continue to hunt the dark protected drainages at the elevation I am at (9200-9400)while this wind continues thru Monday? Or should I just lay low...
  4. Catahoula12

    OTC archery elk in Colorado

    Can a member that is a Colorado resident help me with units in NW Colorado? I have years of bow hunting elk in Arizona but have never hunted an OTC unit here in my home state being I moved back about a year ago. I live just west of Loveland and am interested in units in NW areas. Suggestions...
  5. Catahoula12

    Muzzleloader Deer

    My uncle has a muzzleloader deer hunt for units 7,8,9,119 and 19. I am aware of the less dense populations of these areas, however, can anyone give direction or info on these areas for this mid-September hunt? if you have info and the time for this. We have started scouting units 7 and...
  6. Catahoula12


    Where might I find decent grouse hunting in NW Colorado... Been wanting to go but not sure where to start and what elevation?? Can someone help with a general area? Much appreciated...
  7. Catahoula12

    Unit 10 & Boquillas Ranch

    I would like some direction. I have hunted elk both bull and cow in unit 10 three times now. I have only hunted the southeast corner and basically north northwest of there with success two out of the three hunts. However, I drew a late cow rifle tag this year and I am considering trying the...
  8. Catahoula12

    Base layers

    Looking at buying a set or two of medium weight base layers. Want merino wool and was considering First Lite base layer clothing. Anyone have these or similar type... Merino wool only. Pricey but I don't care the cost. Opinions on would be great.. Thank you.
  9. Catahoula12

    Kaibab archery deer

    I drew 12A/12b archery deer tag on the Kaibab. I've hunted late rifle there long ago. Tags for archery this year are 250 less than last years draw. I just want to know as I plan to hunt 12A west can anyone tell me where NOT to bother hunting that area. I know deer will be at elevation but don't...
  10. Catahoula12

    Colorado OTC elk tags

    Hello, direction needed. I am a Colorado native born in Longmont and currently live in Az. I am a bow and rifle hunter and have plans to perhaps purchase OTC Elk tag for archery or second season rifle. In ones opinion as a resident of Colorado as a bow and rifle hunter for elk what units might...
  11. Catahoula12

    Mule deer in Arizona

    Has anyone done an archery deer hunt in either unit 10 or 6b in Az?? Wondering opinions. Doing an Elk rifle hunt in October in unit 10. Thought the archery deer hunt would be fun in 10 as possibly having success on deer and also scout elk there. Thanks..
  12. Catahoula12


    Does anyone have an opinion on the Swingblade knife... that is if you own one and have used it. I was thinking about getting one being that I need a new knife for my elk hunt in AZ in the fall..
  13. Catahoula12

    Arizona Elk

    Was drawn for early cow rifle (Oct) in unit 10. If there was anyone here that hunted that area last year for any elk information would be vital to me being that I have never hunted this unit. I've scouted twice but only for the layout. I know lots of glassing is a must. But, any area info on...
  14. Catahoula12

    Az elk

    Drew a cow elk tag for rifle in unit 10 for 2013 early hunt. Never hunted unit 10 and I am the type who glasses for elk. I do the work to make it a point to stay far from others. Any help/suggestions of approx. areas of unit 10 to glass would be a great bonus. Not interested in Boquillas ranch...