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  1. Don K

    2021 WY Quality

    Im not sure how to compare it as this is my first time in the unit. I saw lots of bucks, most where low 70 type bucks, some younger ones, and I have seen 3 or 4 that where real nice. I thought the numbers where decent in certain parts of the unit. The big bucks where still all by themselves...
  2. Don K

    2021 WY Quality

    Fun, flustrating,, flustrating..... :) Should have filled my tag but 2 inches to low. Found this guy wonder if he was part of the EHD thing.... (this area isnt on the map though)
  3. Don K

    2021 WY Quality

    Was he in the Dodge pickup? I saw one glassing me when I was stalking a buck in 67 on Thursday I wasn't far from 75. Seen him twice but he just drove on by (probably laughing about me ) :)
  4. Don K

    Anyone Else Had Cataract Surgery?

    Had both of my eyes done a year apart and like you said its amazing. Im a wimp when it comes to my eyes and when I went in to have the first one done I was so nervous. This was quickly gone as it was a piece of cake and I feel its easier than going to the dentist!
  5. Don K

    Wyoming NR general tags - how many point required this year ??

    The 90/10 talk has alot of people jumping in....
  6. Don K

    2021 WY Quality

    67 here I come , should be fun :)
  7. Don K

    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    Antelope, 67 should be fun........
  8. Don K

    2021 WY Quality

    Ahhhh, a couple more days and I will know if I really need to worry about the quality or not this year :)
  9. Don K

    Caption contest for prize!

    Gotta figure out how to tell the wife I really wasnt working late.........
  10. Don K

    The 2018 Elk picture Thread

    Just got back last night, had a great trip
  11. Don K

    Tag has arrived!!

    My L.E. Elk tag arrived in the mail today!! No more second guessing, wondering if I really did draw one of the two tags as I have it in my hands!!
  12. Don K

    What happened to the Cabelas Cupons??!!

    With Bass Pro owning them im sure things are changing. Great sale here......
  13. Don K

    The Backpack Hunting Picture Contest

    My son tagging along
  14. Don K

    The Backpack Hunting Picture Contest

    High country lake
  15. Don K

    The Backpack Hunting Picture Contest

    Colorado high country camp 12,000 ft
  16. Don K

    What's your occupation?

    Heavy Equipment operator for the largest Waste company in North America. Not the most glamorous job, but I'm on my 32nd year with this company, and have been in the industry my entire life as my grandfather started his business in the 30s. At 52 I'm looking to pull my pension in the next couple...
  17. Don K

    Official Post Padding Thread

    Lets Go!!
  18. Don K

    2016 wy elk

    But there is a chance!!!
  19. Don K

    Official Post Padding Thread

    Seen this thing at work today. A camouflage Moth about 3 to 4 inches long. Loved the camo on it
  20. Don K

    Official Post Padding Thread

    Extractor, the Son in law will eventually wake the daughter up and she will see the light. packmule - thanks for the laugh Oh yea Extractor, I looked into the packers fan thing many years ago