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  1. THelms

    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Post your success pics here! I may just ask you to be in the Journals.
  2. THelms

    Wingmen's Greatest Hits Vol. 1 - Just in time for early season!

    Just gonna leave this here fellers...
  3. THelms

    Canadian Border Opening!

    Well then, whose going "up north" waterfowl hunting this fall then?
  4. THelms

    Canadian Border Opening! You Going?

    Learned late yesterday that as of August 9th the Canadian border will open to the fully vaccinated... anybody gonna go hunting?
  5. THelms

    Latest Wingmen Puppy Video

    Here's a rundown of the trip!
  6. THelms


    Well, got the pup home after a long wait and even longer drive. Named him Hondo... I will be using the Cornerstone Gun Dog Academy 52+ program to train him. I will be dropping weekly updates on our progress and hope you guys follow along and ask questions as we go! Weekly videos and coaching...
  7. THelms

    Sage Grouse On The ESA?

    These are interesting reads (follow the links) Wyoming is leading the charge on protecting Sage Grouse but an ESA listing could be nothing more than a political ploy to shut down federal lands to ALL trespass. Or am I just paranoid...
  8. THelms

    Costco Trekking Poles

    I cannot be the only person who uses these suckers! I'm on year 5 with the same pair and just bought two more sets for $29.99 apiece over the weekend. These things are awesome for the price. Change my mind!
  9. THelms

    Wingmen Podcast Episode 27: Alex Langbell - Gun Dog Outdoors

    Episode 27: Alex Langbell - Gun Dog Outdoors Gun Dog Outdoors is a company that all wingshooters should be paying attention to and using their products. Why? Because if you’ve never needed a first aid kit for your dog, it’s only a matter of time until you do! Alex Langbell is a riot to talk to...
  10. THelms

    Goose Hits A Cliff!!!

    "If he wasn't dead, he is now!"
  11. THelms

    Thoughts on Suppressors for Hunting?

    Okay folks, time for a poll/Q&A... Would you hunt with a suppressor? AND What are your opinions on them?
  12. THelms

    Name That Puppy!

    Wingmen is getting a new wingman this summer... male black lab from Southern Oak Kennels. We've been wracking our brains for names, it's your turn to help us decide... and, GO!
  13. THelms

    What is Trophy Hunting?

    What do you think when you hear the term Trophy Hunting?
  14. THelms

    How Do You Breakdown an Elk?

    We were discussing this around the office the other day and it seems that we all have little tricks we use when breaking down an elk in the field. We also all employ different tactics based on different scenarios. Some of us gut and leave them overnight in Grizz country, if it's cold enough...
  15. THelms

    Turkey Tactics!!!

    Mountain Gobblers - With The onX Hunt App Hunting turkeys in the Rocky Mountain West isn’t the same as hunting them in the South or the Midwest. Sure, their behavior is similar but finding them can be trickier. The terrain and habitat of the West is vastly different from other regions and...
  16. THelms

    Dads, Daughters & Donuts! A Wingmen Short Film

    Pretty sure this is the best one yet, give us some feedback.
  17. THelms

    2020 EBJ Success Thread

    Same as EHJ... post your success pics for everyone to see and I may just be reaching out to get your story for EBJ.
  18. THelms

    2020 EHJ Success Thread

    Here we go folks, it's time! Post your 2020 success pics here and I may just reach out to you for a spot in EHJ!
  19. THelms

    2020 Fall Plans???

    What is everyone planning for fall bird hunts? With the Canada/U.S. border closed we know many of you had plans squashed for hunting up north but how has that changed your fall? Are you hunting closer to home and maybe hunting more? We've got big plans and are hoping that we can pull about...
  20. THelms

    Summer Training

    Well, now that we are in the heat of summer training what's everyone working on? Here's what Mack and I are focusing on until season starts. He's 8 this year and a solid veteran but still has some quirks that need constant attention. 1. Conditioning - being 8 he needs to be in great shape to...