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    The Memes Thread!

  2. D_Dubya

    The Memes Thread!

    Gee, It’s almost like current policies are prepping us for socialism…
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    Something to look at - whitetails

    Body sizes vary widely all across the southern half of Texas, but opposite of what you would expect they tend to get much larger the further south you go once you’re south of San Antonio and then west towards the border. Of course, feeding them helps but genetics, age and habitat play the...
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    Something to look at - whitetails

    Our fully mature bucks (6yo & older) average 175lbs field dressed prior to the rut, we had one last year just shy of 200 lbs dressed. About 100 miles north of us in the “hill country” it’s dang hard to find a mature buck that dresses out over 100lbs.
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    2021 Elk Success Thread

    Great Bull! Congrats!
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    Something to look at - whitetails

    Here are a few pics from my game cameras. Full disclosure: these are from a highly managed (by my B-I-L and me) low fence ranch in South Texas. We do feed whole cottonseed January- September as a supplement, you can see some of it in the pics (not interested in arguing about feeding, I’m just...
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    Back from my African Bowhunt (video)

    Cool video! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the hunt!
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    Best boots for elk hunting

    I’ve had excellent success with Kennetrek’s, the mountain extremes I have will be going on their 4th season this year, no issues with the rand separating or premature wear. Excellent foot and ankle support, but fit is very subjective - they happen to fit my feet perfect. Everyone should try...
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    Hammer Hunters

    I ordered some in .243, .284 and .308 on Monday, got a shipping confirmation today. I doubt I’ll get them in time to shoot this weekend, but the following weekend I should should have a report.
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    Finally found some BH209

    I finally found a can of BH209, I was at Bass Pro and they had one can. I still had some, but not enough for my son to practice much before his muzzleloader hunt in 3 weeks. I have a box of 300gr LR bullets from Arrowhead Rifles showing up tomorrow or Friday so he’ll get plenty of prone...
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    Back straps for dinner

    I’m hoping so, that was my last package of straps! My son has hunt at the end of this month in NM, hopefully that will be the start of the freezer restock.
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    Back straps for dinner

    Stuck at the house this weekend trying to knock out some projects before my hunting season gets going in earnest. Upside is I pulled out a couple back straps and tossed them on the grill in time to watch the Aggie football game. New to me TEC infared grill, awesome back straps and a sear that...
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    Elk steaks for dinner

    Yeah, me too! That was my last package of elk and it was a surprise find in amongst the whitetail in the freezer. 57 more days until my elk hunt, not that I’m counting down or anything…
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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    Now that is the way to pack them out!
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    Looks like X6A & X6B are toast

    That sucks, what an unfortunate situation with those fires. Best of luck to you next year!
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    Dove Hunting, Who Does It?

    Unfortunately I’m not going to make it out tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll get some dove shooting in over the next couple of days. I did shoot a sporting clays tournament last week just to confirm I’m still a mediocre shot. I am. I do love dove hunting and it’s always exciting to kick off the new...
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    The Memes Thread!

    There is a lot of that going around, but there are also some fine young men - not all hope is lost.
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    Lots of ammo showing up locally down here, still pretty skinny on reloading components but some stuff is showing up. Once we’re through this I’ll always have at least a 5 year supply on hand for 6 or 7 rifles, 45acp and 9mm. Heck, if primers get back to “normal” price & availability I’ll...
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    Time to buy points.

    I’ll buy elk, deer and antelope points for me and my wife and kids. I’d rather hunt a few times than none at all. I would wager there will be as many or more points sold than ever.
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    Post Rut hunt

    Almost all Colorado units have significant hunting pressure in 2nd and 3rd seasons, they don’t call it the “Orange Army” for nothing. Many units have reduced pressure in 1st and 4th rifle but you’ll still be hunting with a crowd. In my experience going “up” can get you more isolated than just...