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    Anyone with experience hunting Sandhill Cranes in TX, OK, any other suggestions

    Hi all, Hunting Sandhill cranes has been on me and my wife's bucket list for some time. This late December, we will be in TX and OK on a big road trip. We could bounce to another state if needed to make this hunt happen. Does anyone have any information they would like to share or...
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    WY Waterfowl Dog Trainer

    Hi all, Who do you recommend for waterfowl dog training? I have a two year old lab. I've hunted with him the last two seasons and done most of the training myself. We usually hunt 2-3 days a week, so he's had a fair number of birds shot over him and is pretty good. I usually give him a...
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    Franchi Affinity 3 versus 3.5"

    Hi all, I'm thinking about a new shotgun. I've hunted with 870's and Red Labels my whole life. I've got a desire for a factory camo gun and thinking about an autloader. I really like the feel of the Franchi Affinity's. What do you think about the 3" versus the 3.5" model? Supposedly the...