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  1. Muley bound

    Trapping ban

    Just read a news article that stated that trapping is now banned on public land? Is this true?
  2. Muley bound

    General seasons

    This is kind of a dumb generic question. With the control hunt app period starting and applying for the tags we will never draw!!!! I try to hunt the same or adjoining units to learn them the best I can especially being from out of state. I’ve always leaned towards the archery side so there’s...
  3. Muley bound

    One last gift

    Well, I received one last gift from my dad that passed away in November. He had won a desert bighorn hunt in Mexico. Obviously he wasn’t able to go, but I was able to take his place. There aren’t even the words that tell you how I feel and how blessed I am for this opportunity. It was a hunt of...
  4. Muley bound

    Rain jacket

    What’s everybody runnin for their rain jacket? I’m going to upgrade my old wore out cheap one. They’re all expensive, so if I’ve spending the money, I want it to be durable. I have the Kuiu axis which is very good at repelling water and snow. Wore it multiple times in complete crap snow and mix...
  5. Muley bound

    Idaho proposed season changes

    Received the email from Idaho Fish and Game on the upcoming season proposals and changes. Submitted my opinions. As a non resident, might not mean a whole hell of a lot. But I at least I have placed my input.
  6. Muley bound

    Leftover or returned tags

    Seeing how my general hunt sold out instantly and banking on a controlled draw. Has anybody had any luck on getting a leftover or returned tag? If a strike out on my controlled hunt draw, maybe there’s a glimmer of hope at still scooping up a tag?
  7. Muley bound

    Bow sights

    What’s everybody using for their site? I’m running a trophy ridge react horizontal 5 pin. It’s been a pretty decent site, I’ve had it for 5 years. The react technology is awesome. Sight in the 20 and 30 and somehow the rest of the pins are figured out. I am thinking about changing it up this...
  8. Muley bound

    10x vs 12x binos

    Looking at investing in a new pair of binos. A buddy of mine really wants to buy my Leica Trinovid 10s, which I’m willing to do. My question it there a significant or worth wild difference between 10s and 12s for me to jump up to 12s. Pros and cons? I’m a big Leica fan, have the 10s and...
  9. Muley bound

    General tags 2021

    It looks like the general deer and elk NR tags are selling out pretty darn quick! They changed the structure and apparently I should’ve jumped on this earlier. Looks like I’m banking on drawing a tag! Good luck on that
  10. Muley bound

    Northwest legal muzzleloader

    Hey all, I’m looking at purchasing a muzzleloader that’s northwest legal. I’m aware of each of the states different rules. I’m just curious what brands guys are using. There seem to be a few good options out there. Would like to know some pros and cons. And is there a “better” powder for these...
  11. Muley bound

    To my hunting partner

    I hope everybody on this forum can relate to this in one way or another. Earlier in the year I posted that my hunting partner, my dad, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Well.....the worst day has come and gone, he lost that battle. I’m not good with expressing my emotions or showing my...
  12. Muley bound

    Where you hunting this year?

    Maybe this has been discussed, but I haven’t really been on here much this year. 2020 has been quite the year! I was fortunate enough to build my own house, which has been a dream of mine for years. My wife and I welcomed our baby girl last week, which is awesome. As far as hunting, I struck out...
  13. Muley bound

    New Puffy

    I’m in the market for a new puffy and looking for inputs on what different guys use. Pros, cons, style of hunting. I’ve had the FL uncompaghre puffy and loved it, but a buddy wanted it, so I sold it to him. Not sure if I want that one again or go a different route. There’s so many options out...
  14. Muley bound

    The new Kuiu Gale Force

    Just wondering what people’s thoughts on this or has anybody seen in person? It comes with a hefty price tag!! Sounds like it has all, but wondering how loud the material would be for archery? I suppose if it’s raining and windy, what the jacket is built for, than the noise wouldn’t be an issue...
  15. Muley bound

    Wisconsin deer management

    I know every state has their issues and problems with the way their F&G or DNR manages their herds (tags, seasons, restrictions). Seems like here in Wisconsin, we’re coming into another battle. The DNR is coming up with new plans that don’t look so promising for our deer herd as a whole. They...
  16. Muley bound

    Scope for 22-250

    Looking to put a new scope on my 22-250. Wondering if anybody has any recommendations? All my other set ups are large caliber rifles, never really dove into setups for the lighter calibers. Mostly going to use it for the kids to start shooting and for coyotes.
  17. Muley bound


    Just wanted to see if anybody has any success using a decoy on mulies for spot and stalk with the bow. I?ve heard some say it works, while others said no way. I haven?t tried, but thought it would be awesome if it would work. Anything to help to give you an extra few yards closer and on the...
  18. Muley bound

    Unit 28 late archery

    It?s a been a long time since I?ve been on the, work, life in general! Was looking into bowhunting unit 28 in the late archery season for deer or elk. Due to my work schedule, that?s about the only opportunity I have to do a hunt there. I?ve been in 36b 10 years ago when my dad...
  19. Muley bound

    Late plains rifle hunt colorado

    My dad and I are looking to do a d.i.y. public land plains late rifle hunt in CO. I've been doing a lot of research on trying to pick a good public land area/unit. I've narrowed it down to a few. I was thinking the Pawnee national land. Does anybody have any input on that area. We're no...