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  1. altitohunter

    Last Day AZ Bull

    Great bull! Congrats!
  2. altitohunter

    Nice thing about hunting the mountains

    The one in the tree gives me the creeps! I’ve seen a whole lot of rattlers but never one in a tree...
  3. altitohunter

    Nice thing about hunting the mountains

    I’ve tried eating them various ways...never has been good enough to be worth the effort. We come across them regularly and usually only kill them if they’re around buildings or our deer stands. This one was about 5 feet, which is probably average size down here.
  4. altitohunter

    Nice thing about hunting the mountains

    One Nice thing about hunting the Mountains is you seldom run into rattlers this size (at least I haven’t). This is my son last weekend at our normal hunting grounds in South Texas.
  5. altitohunter

    Case Cleaning 2019

    I do the same thing, I even skip the lemonshine sometimes. 3 hours and spotless brass, primer pockets totally clean.
  6. altitohunter

    Blaze Orange Vest?

    Be aware if your orange Underoo’s have Brown on them they’ll be considered “camo orange” and will not qualify in Colorado!
  7. altitohunter

    My Dream Hunts List

    I bought a landowner voucher for a Gunnison Basin unit in 2015 because I was seeing a lot of big bucks and in those units you never know when the next terrible winter is coming. I killed a 190” buck. The timing was right and in that situation I would do it again. As luck would have it...
  8. altitohunter

    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    Good luck! I always enjoy reading your updates!
  9. altitohunter

    altitude pills

    I live in Texas at around 1000’, I make 2-3 trips a year to Colorado, in the summer and a hunting trip Or two. I’ve found that if I get there two days before season opens I’m fairly well adjusted by the opener by hydrating and getting plenty of sleep. I’m a big guy in reasonable shape (6’2”...
  10. altitohunter

    2020-2026 Season Structure - Final Recs

    I think You hit on the head right here, will make third much more appealing for most out of state hunters. Dang near have to take two full weeks off a regular job to hunt 2nd season. That 10 day break will be huge for 3rd though. Looks like they made quite a few a few years...
  11. altitohunter

    Muzzleloader advice for Wife

    My wife drew a muzzleloader deer tag in New Mexico for this fall, I guess now I need to get her set up with a decent muzzleloader. She is an experienced shooter, but is not a big fan of recoil. She handles her Tikka 7mm-08 just fine but recoil much above that I?m worried she?ll flinch. Does...
  12. altitohunter

    The 2018 Mule Deer Picture Thread!

    Had a fun hunt in New Mexico, my wife came along and helped with the pack out. Not a trophy but a fun hunt and nice get away with the wife David
  13. altitohunter

    First Rifle weather looking good

    Looks like it?s going to be cold and snowy start for first Rifle in most of the state, I?ll Be chasing bulls in the Gunnison basin. Who else is hunting first season? David
  14. altitohunter

    Fishing Photos 2018

    My 8 year old with some beaver pond trout he caught last week. I think he might already have mastered the finer points of being an angler, when we were done fishing he said “Dad, can we go eat dinner and talk about the fish we caught?” David
  15. altitohunter

    2016 Mulie finally back from Taxi

    I finally got my 2016 Mule Deer back from the taxidermist! Not the taxidermist?s fault, I drug my feet in how I wanted him mounted. I made the pedestal myself; I found the dead head on the pedestal the morning I killed him.
  16. altitohunter

    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    Here’s my 2015 and 2016 Colorado bucks, one a hair over 200 and one right at 190. I actually killed them both within a mile of each other on public land.
  17. altitohunter

    200" 2nd Rifle Colorado buck

    I had a great deer hunt last week in Colorado. I had to make a tough hunting decision last Monday during a 2nd rifle Mule deer hunt; that morning found me watching a bedded 180"+ buck at 350 yards all morning before I decided not to shoot him. I knew there were some really big deer in the unit...
  18. altitohunter

    Gunnison Weather

    And this guy too
  19. altitohunter

    Gunnison Weather

    I was up in the Gunnison area all last week, it's real green from the high country down into Gunnison. Found a few nice bucks
  20. altitohunter

    Mule Deer Success Thread!

    I killed this buck last Friday during Colorado's second rifle season. I jumped him up on opening day pretty high on the mountain, about 11,300. I didn't shoot because I saw he had a very short G4 on the left side, I stared a little to long through the binoculars before I realized he was a stud...