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  1. altitohunter

    Nice thing about hunting the mountains

    One Nice thing about hunting the Mountains is you seldom run into rattlers this size (at least I haven’t). This is my son last weekend at our normal hunting grounds in South Texas.
  2. altitohunter

    Muzzleloader advice for Wife

    My wife drew a muzzleloader deer tag in New Mexico for this fall, I guess now I need to get her set up with a decent muzzleloader. She is an experienced shooter, but is not a big fan of recoil. She handles her Tikka 7mm-08 just fine but recoil much above that I?m worried she?ll flinch. Does...
  3. altitohunter

    First Rifle weather looking good

    Looks like it?s going to be cold and snowy start for first Rifle in most of the state, I?ll Be chasing bulls in the Gunnison basin. Who else is hunting first season? David
  4. altitohunter

    2016 Mulie finally back from Taxi

    I finally got my 2016 Mule Deer back from the taxidermist! Not the taxidermist?s fault, I drug my feet in how I wanted him mounted. I made the pedestal myself; I found the dead head on the pedestal the morning I killed him.
  5. altitohunter

    200" 2nd Rifle Colorado buck

    I had a great deer hunt last week in Colorado. I had to make a tough hunting decision last Monday during a 2nd rifle Mule deer hunt; that morning found me watching a bedded 180"+ buck at 350 yards all morning before I decided not to shoot him. I knew there were some really big deer in the unit...
  6. altitohunter

    Colorado unit 55 second rifle mule deer advice

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum but have been reading it for a while, some great info here. I drew my first Colorado mule deer tag this year for unit 55 second rifle in the gunnison basin. Just got back from a week long vacation/scouting trip in the area and found some good bucks above...