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    New to muzzleloading, looking for some help and guidance.

    Well I bought a traditions pursuit g4 northwest edition. I live in Idaho and we have a little more restrictions on muzzleloaders. ie open ignition, loose powder, no optics, no 209 primer. I don't think we can use sabots. I did have hawken as a kid, but that was over 30 years ago. So...
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    Say what you will about Yeti coolers, they do keep ice!

    I loaded up a yeti 125 cooler with a bunch of frozen water in plastic bottles. I loaded the cooler up on sept 14th. I ended up not needing the cooler and just never got around to unloading it. Last night on sept 25, I unloaded the cooler. There was still ice in the plastic jugs. That is...
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    4 bear hunters missing in the selway river. I saw this on a whitewater page I look at. Bummer deal.
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    game cam pics, which one do you keep?

    I was just curious as to what game cam pics people keep. I just looked at one of my cards from the month of april and lots of cow elk, doe whitetail, couple coyotes and 2 bulls. one with last years horns and one growing this years set. I will probably create a file and throw the 2 bulls in...
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    rebarrelling a ruger m77 270wsm

    Well I "shot out" my ruger m77 in 270wsm. head space is allowing the case to expand to much. So what are my options for rebarreling. I have heard that rugers are not as easy to rebarrel. I don't know if that is true or not. If I just want to throw on another 270 wsm barrel, which barrel...
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    well i got a mountain lion

    Well I got a mountain lion. I shot a spike elk and while breaking the elk down, I kept looking around. I could tell something was out there. I assumed more elk. It took me 3 hours to get back to the kill site, with my bigger pack to start packing quarters out. When I approached the kill...
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    mountain lion meat, any recipes?

    So I have a couple of backstraps and the hind quarters off of a small mountain lion. I was told to cube and marinade in teriyaki and grill on the bbq. any one have any recipes for this animal? I have never tried it before. thanks tim
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    2017 elk success thread, post em up

    just as the title states post up your 2017 elk harvest any elk is a good elk.
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    out of curosity, does the eastman bow journal have rifle hunts in it?

    I was reading the rifle version of eastmans and there where a couple of bow hunting stories in there. I don't bow hunt so I don't get the bow journal, but are there rifle articles in the bow magazine? just curious.
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    sure was cool, listening to a bull elk last nigt.

    I got home from my mountain bike ride, ate dinner and there was probably 45 minutes to an hour of daylight left. I went outside to do some chores. AS I was walking back to the house, from my chores, I could hear a bull elk bark. I thought to my self, that is a bull. I grabbed the wife and...
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    2016 elk success thread

    Any elk is a good elk. Post them up.
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    2016 alaska diy float hunt

    So my bud and I did a diy float hunt in Alaska this September. OTC tag. We used willow air to drop us off and pick us up. We got dropped off on sept 5th and picked up on sept 16. Fun tough adventure that was filled with lots of adversity, fun and good times. We worked our asses off and the...
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    good trail cam shot of a cougar

    I checked my trail cam and got a pretty good shot of a cougar.
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    IS the garmin chip for gps's any good for western alaska?

    I am looking at researching some stuff in western Alaska. I have the huntx chip for Alaska and the maps suck for western Alaska, not to impressed with the map quality, but at the same time google earth is not very good for that area also. The delorme maps are pretty vague also, So I was...
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    snowmobiling in north idaho.

    it has been an interesting year here in north Idaho for snowmobilig. No snow down low, but the upper half of the mountain is normal. Here are some photos of this year. scenery
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    south west montan going to burn this summer?

    Just drove thru southwest Montana. no snow and very high temps for presidents day weekend. Prepare to burn this summer. I hope I am wrong, but with no snow, it will be hard not to burn.
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    Howling with the wolves!

    I was checking my trail cam in the hidden clear cut which is roughly 3 miles behind a gate. You than go up thru a skid trail thru the timber to the ridge top and the clear cut is on the other side of the ridge. The cut is roughly 200 yards wide and almost a mile long. I entered the clear cut...
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    I am looking at trying to find unbiased info on the wolf, anyone know where?

    Just like the title states, I am trying to find info about the wolf. Not the Disney stuff or the they kill for fun stuff. But the middle stuff. Basically what are the habits, do they have a feeding time, bedding time, etc? what type of home range does the pack have, ect. If anyone knows...
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    2015 elk succes thread

    throw up your successful elk pictures, any elk is a good elk.
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    black lab found in north idaho, between leighberg and stull saddles

    my wife and I found a black lab in the cda national forest. between leigberg and stull saddle. hopefully we can find the owner. real nice dog.