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    Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

    to each his own, but I would not say this.
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    Who else is...

    I used my ankle as an excuse to get a capstan winch. not sure if the winch saved time or not. I kept having to stop and climb down the hill side and untangle it's antlers. House buck, just big enough. I will say I am having a heck of a season though. I do have one more deer tag. got to...
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    Who else is...

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    Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

    I use the mail labels as tape when it is butcher time.
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    remembering my hunting mentor

    my condolences my father passed away in september of 2008. Fall can be hard at times. I wish you well.
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    SW Montana Snow Depth above 7000 ft?

    snotel sites would let you know.
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    Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

    been a member since January 92. my business donates to a couple of chapters yearly.
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    Who else is...

    go deep what happened to fall? it is wierd to see snow on the ground in town in october.
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    Moose Ribs

    I used an axe, but have heard of the cordless Sawzall as being the shizzle.
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    Who else is...

    anyone ever do the head banging workout? put on some metal and jam for a half hour or so. it goes well with beer and a Friday night.
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    Eastman's Click Bait- National Elk Refuge To Starve Elk

    Where are feed grounds located? I know of the few in Wyoming, a couple in southern Idaho but where else? I have always wondered if the elk feeding in Wyoming was for the elk or for the outfitters. either way changes is occurring.
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    Who else is...

    in college I hiked to the Colorado river\phantom ranch and back out in a day. we came in off of the south rim. It was also 31 years ago, I was 19 maybe 20.
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    Who else is...

    already snowed 3 times here. 12 degrees when I woke up with an inch on the ground. opening day of elk was 20 degrees with 3 inches of snow.
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    On The Go Hunting Maps

    it is funny, the different perspectives of hunters. I never looked at a map or gps during my elk hunt. Bought I live 15 minutes from my hunt area. Been hunting it for years and there is not a month of the year, I have not been there. it has to be hard for you guys that have never stepped...
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    Bumped a big bull, what now

    I shot a bull out of a herd. the herd was 400 yards as the crow flies from where I shot the bull, later in the afternoon when I went back to get some stuff that I had cached in there.
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    Finally! Wyoming Bound in 12hrs.

    tim get mike eastmans elk hunting book. it is my elk bible. I read it every year before the season.
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    Jack O'Conner/Outdoor Life magazine jack occonnor an outdoor legend dvd is pretty good, talks about his novels, him being an English professor ect
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    Jack O'Conner/Outdoor Life magazine

    personally, Craig Boddington is the new Jack O Conner.
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    bear spray

    I did a test, you would be amazed at how far the can DOES NOT shoot. this is an up close and personal defense.
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    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

    this is totally terrain driven. where I live, trees to the top, you can't see, you have to walk and glass. not everywhere is the wide open in the west.