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  1. Shane13

    Mini Elk

    Sika are cool little critters. They're like miniature elk. They're cousins to elk and red deer. They are free ranging in parts of the Texas Hill Country (along with axis, fallow, blackbuck, aoudad, mouflon, and some other exotics). We have a decent herd of sika on the ranch we hunt. We're...
  2. Shane13

    Texas buck

    Those are some serious brow tines.
  3. Shane13

    Killed 150 Canada geese in one day

    I understand presentation, and I agree. I hate to see pics of nasty head shots, bloody animals not cleaned up, guts hanging out, etc. Shows a lack of respect for the animal. I don't see anything like that in this one, but that's just me. They weren't over the legal limit, and there's nothing...
  4. Shane13

    Killed 150 Canada geese in one day

    Congrats! Looks like a lot of fun to me. I wonder what's "worse".... Killing 15/day one day, or killing 2/day every day for a week? ;)
  5. Shane13

    Where do we begin?

    Eastman's MRS is a great place to start.....
  6. Shane13

    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    Cool bull! Congrats!
  7. Shane13

    hiking vs jogging to prepare

    The last few years in my training, I've stopped jogging, running, and jumping (box jumps, jump rope, etc). I'm 53. Those high impact exercises are hard on my knees. They're great for the leg muscles and the lungs, but just hard on the joints. In place of running, I use an AirDyne bike. I...
  8. Shane13

    Call Wise Bulls

    "If the full moon rises early in the morning and sets early in the night, then it won’t matter; it’s going to be a dark night anyway. Moon phases are not caused by the shadow of the Earth falling on the moon. Instead, the moon orbits the Earth and is illuminated directly by the sun and how...
  9. Shane13

    My sons 2019 Wyoming Mountain Muley

    Congrats, Kaden (and Dad)! That's a cool buck!
  10. Shane13

    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    Thanks. Fog over the Jemez valley at sunrise with a few hundred bull elk scattered everywhere made for an awesome photo opportunity. It was amazing.
  11. Shane13

    Public Land Colorado - Highest of Highs & Lowest of Lows

    Congrats to your wife! And my condolences to you. That really stinks.
  12. Shane13

    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    One more from the old 35mm film days at the former Baca Ranch (now Valles Caldera National Preserve)....
  13. Shane13

    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    Here's my entries, sized the same as the banner above. First two from last week's hunt. Third from RMNP a few years ago.
  14. Shane13

    Primos Trigger Stick

    Leaving the strap open on the Primos sticks solves the issue of having to fumble with it when a shot opportunity presents itself. I find that it's unnecessary to use the strap while hiking, or at any other time, in the field. It's helpful for when you're storing them or transporting them...
  15. Shane13

    Primos Trigger Stick

    I use the tripod as a walking stick. It might get cumbersome or uncomfortable in your hand if you carried it for 10 miles up and down mountains, but it works just fine for most of my needs. When I'm rifle hunting, I carry it with me all the time. I extend the legs all the way out and release...
  16. Shane13

    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    I hunted with a guide last week in southern Colorado for my first archery elk hunt. Was able to put an arrow in a nice 6x6 on the 3rd evening. I learned a lot. Can't wait to do it again.
  17. Shane13

    Freezer Inventory

    LOADS of axis in mine with a little elk at the processor right now. Got more axis that need to be killed before the end of the year too. Not hurting for good groceries around here lately. It's a blessing.
  18. Shane13

    To switch...Or not to switch

    I would switch if I were in your shoes. I've shot left-handed compounds before as well, and it was just as easy as shooting my right-handed bow. I'd rather have a 70# bow for elk.
  19. Shane13

    Who is bowhunting where?

    I'll be bowhunting elk and bear in Colorado in September. Deer (whitetail and axis) and hogs in Texas as well.
  20. Shane13

    Happy 4th !!!

    Happy Independence Day! Never forget what it means!