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  1. Silentstalker

    Deer unit 120

    Question or two about this unit. I put my daughter and nephew in for this hunt not thinking they would draw for another year or two. Well, you guessed it, they drew. Looking for advice on the best time to hunt it, first week or second? Anyone have pics of deer from this hunt, advice, or info...
  2. Silentstalker

    2017 season

    I obviously dont hunt ducks nearly as often as a lot if you but I got out several times this year. Spent some great days in the marsh with friends and family. Already looking forward to 2018!
  3. Silentstalker

    General deer draw odds?

    Can someone please refer me to the draw odds for general deer in Montana? I cannot seem to find it. Thanks!
  4. Silentstalker

    OnX Hunt app users

    Have you found any advantage in regards to boundary identification when using off grid maps with 5 mile, 10 mile, or 150 mile downloads? I know I will see less detail but will the 150 map hinder me in any way identifying boundaries?
  5. Silentstalker

    Garmin eTrex Vista HCx

    Handheld gps with color screen. USB compatible, micro sd slot for additional map data like OnXmaps. This has been used very little and only has a couple of minor scratches on the screen. Comes with original box, cd, owners manual and USB cord. Asking $125 obo.
  6. Silentstalker

    OnXmaps chips for sale

    I have both Wy and Co gps chips available for sale. Paid $99/each for them. I still have the original packaging for both. I'm thinking $75 each or best offer.
  7. Silentstalker

    Hoyt Powermax

    Brand new, never been shot Hoyt Powermax. This bow comes with 60-70# limbs, 25.5-30" draw length, 31" ATA. It is easily adjustable and does not require any modules to change draw lengths. It is listed at 328 fps. Also included is the Fuse 4 arrow quiver, Fuse 5 pin sight, QAD Hunter Ultra...
  8. Silentstalker

    Bushnell Scout rangefinder

    Used rangefinder for sale. 6x magnification, scan and 150 yard modes. Works great and is very reliable. Small cosmetic marks but other than that its in great shape. Comes with original box and case. $150 obo. Tyd.
  9. Silentstalker

    Preference Points ??

    Is there a time period where if you do not apply where you lose your points? If so, what is the time period length?
  10. Silentstalker

    Nosler .277 cal. 150 gr. Ballistic Tips.

    I am looking to buy some of these bullets for reloading. Any of you have some on the shelf you would be willing to part with?
  11. Silentstalker

    Hello all

    My name is Chad. I am from Utah. I am traditionally a bowhunter who occasionally picks up a rifle or muzzy. I love to bowhunt for elk, mule deer, and antelope. I enjoy hunting out of state as funds allow. Most recently we have discovered Wyoming and the beautiful scenery and great hunting...