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    Caption contest for prize!

    Uh o i think im at the bottom of a canyon 5 miles deep.
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    WY NR Elk Draw Results Tomorrow

    3.5 points does not get a guy a general tag. Bummer.
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    How do you hunt for hunting rifles on sale?

    Right around the end of december there is always good deals
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    Leupold Spotting Scope / Eyeware Giveaway!

    Leave two weeks from today. Always an epic trip
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    Dog issue

    Im glad your job allows for that, mine doesnt. Ive got a wireless collar, and he respects it.
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    Time is up! Good luck!

    Applied for points only. If new mexico or wyoming dont happen then ill look at colorados left overs.
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    Dog issue

    Nice kennel. Once mine is kennel trained i will move him to the entry way for nights and days until he is old enough to be trusted all day outside by himself. Not going to give a puppy run of the place when he is not 100% car trained yet. UPS man runs him over id be irritated at myself for...
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    Dog issue

    That is exactly what i have. He has a towel for bedding
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    Dog issue

    From the research that i have done and from the breeder and from my vet it was reccomended that the puppy be put in a kennel that is big enough for him to stand up in and turn around while gone at work and at night. I was told it makes them feel like it is their den, and they usually dont soil...
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    Dog issue

    He respects the perimeter collar
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    Dog issue

    So people that have full time jobs should not have dogs? My english cocker spends about 8 hours a day in my house sleeping on the couch, my house is a large kennel i suppose. I guess thats dog abuse.
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    Dog issue

    What has me me puzzled is he didnt pee or poop the kennel for the first 3 weeks. Then after we swithched puppy food slowly, thats when he started. Reason for the switch is because we ran out of food the breeder gave us and we switched to something he reccomended. His poop is solid and not...
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    Dog issue

    I posted here earlier i was getting a new hunting dog. I was looking at some smaller breeds but some thing changed and i got a lab. He is currently 3 months old. The issue is, he pees and craps the kennel everyday im at work (8hrs) and every night sleep (6hrs). Ive tried small kennels and he...
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    Help me decide...

    Goat with the points
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    Anyone buy a new bow this year?

    I bought a used hoyt rx1 carbon ultra 2 months ago, new to me. Its a shooter.
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    Wyoming Lion Hunt

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    Walden Colorado area

    Ive hunted northwest of town in the n.f. pm me if you want.
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    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    My group average is 3 points. Me and a friend. I hope to draw a general. Going to be very close
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    Archery ELK, pre, rut, post??

    Im interested in others thoughts as well. Im all about going early but am concerened it will be a zoo because of labor day.