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  1. Apstore

    BLM beware!!

    Exactly right. I was talking with one of the state biologists a few years back. He told me basically the ranchers are running the state. That's why there is more landlocked "public" land in WY than anywhere else. What they do is trade a 40 acres parcel in the middle of their ranch for the road...
  2. Apstore

    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    Do you think the extra muzzleloader pressure has made them quiet?
  3. Apstore

    Truck Tires - on/off RD

    I got some Falken Wildpeak's a few months back, been ripping through the mud a bit lately. They are great tires, quieter than my old Ironman all country tires, which were great tires also. Here they are in your size.
  4. Apstore

    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    You say it is the hottest day. Does that mean like mid 70's up there?
  5. Apstore

    Blaze Orange Vest?

    Lol... 400 sq inches is like 4 sheets of paper. For a real world reference.
  6. Apstore

    Blaze Orange Vest?

    I have this kings camo blaze vest. Best vest I have ever used. The softshell adds some warmth and its lined with fleece so its like having a softshell jacket on. It has a chest and hand pockets. Fitted so it's not all baggy and doesn't catch on stuff. I had about the same parameters as you when...
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    Forum Banner Update Contest!

  8. Apstore

    Fishing 2019

    Grouper and a hammer. Black grouper was caught off the Abacos and the hammer was off Boca in Florida.
  9. Apstore

    Camp Food- Post a Picture!

    T-bones and potatoes on the grill after a few days up top in satellite camp eating freeze-dried meals. Makes the sore muscles and hard-fought miles worth it.
  10. Apstore

    Camp set ups?

    We would take this old pop up out west every year. It used to be my uncles and he took it out west every year also for many many years. Sadly, the tradition is going to end this year. We have a new 10x12 tent for base camp and hiking up into high country with satellite camp gear. It's been a...
  11. Apstore

    Who is bowhunting where?

    Archery Elk late September in CO. Gators with the bow in Florida. Ducks in South Dakota. Grouse, pheasants, ducks, geese, and deer here in my old home state of WI.
  12. Apstore

    Colorado Left Over Tag List

    Oh, I completely agree with that. It does seem kind of extreme how many leftover tags there are for private lands. To add to your sentiment, those tags probably were not forfeit tags like a draw area with points were.... those were what was left after a draw and they still will have abundance in...
  13. Apstore

    Colorado Left Over Tag List

    Just out of curiousity. Does the landowner get a kickback like they do/did in Wyoming if they let someone hunt on their land?
  14. Apstore

    CO OTC 2nd rifle season by Meeker

    You can see all the odds in the regional guide for that area. That should be part of your study material going out west. 5 Year average is: 14% success in 2nd rifle season unit 22. 11% success rate for 2nd rifle in...
  15. Apstore

    Colorado Left Over Tag List

    Im going to have him hunt that area. It's his first-time out so it will all be fine... was just a little worked up at first. lol, I thought for sure I had tags for both of us on lockdown. If he gets something, we can run a few miles south into an over the counter area and kick around for an elk...
  16. Apstore

    Colorado Left Over Tag List

    WOW.... I had two screens open. One with my buddies sign in and one with mine. I had put everything in my cart right before I put his in and got to the checkout page before his did. Mine came up as no quota available and they gave him one a minute later. Thats just F***king great. Thanks a lot...
  17. Apstore

    altitude pills

    We always try and stop and sleep at 5-7k before we get out and do anything in the high elevations. Was going to try the Wilderness Athlete Altitude Advantage this year. Lots of good reviews from guys like us coming from 1k feet. I had altitude sickness two seasons ago. It was horrible and I...
  18. Apstore

    Mountain Ridge Gear Duffel Bag Set!

    Thanks Mountain Ridge. They look like great bags.
  19. Apstore

    Hammock Sleeping

    That is great info. The hammock he sent me was the Hennessey. I couldn't quite figure out from the pictures how the sleeping on an angle thing worked after I read it. Maybe I would have to see it.
  20. Apstore

    Hammock Sleeping

    Do any of you use a hammock to sleep at night? I have a buddy that has completely abandoned tents and just carries a hammock, rainfly(for over top if weather gets bad), sleeping bag and pad to put in it. He swears by it as the most comfortable way to sleep in the backcountry. The fly and...