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    Huntin Rigs

    Like your setups, especially tim and colorado V. Love the Explorer Here's mine. Hoping to add a low profile roof rack(tied to the roll cage) and a roof top tent. Also have a trailer I am starting to build. Of course I'll have the top and doors on during the season.
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    SD Public land Mullies

    These were both shot by hot springs, one bow, one rifle, but quite a few years ago. I put in for rifle in that unit this year but didn't draw. Last time I hunted in that area was with a bow. We weren't all that picky, but took 3 3points in my group. Two were rifle hunters. I did miss a...
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    Which Stabilizer?

    10" pro hunter with 8" pro hunter sidebar. 2 ounces out front, 3 out back. Used more weight before until I added the tight spot a few weeks ago. Actually holds more steady with the quiver. I dropped 6 total ounces of weight when I added the quiver This is what a 10" stab looks like with the...
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    Stabilizer & Drop Away Rest?

    Newb here on this forum. I have I couldn't shoot with just the tight spot. Sits too far back, although with an 8" back bar, a 10" bee stinger" out front and the tight spot, it holds rock solid.