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  1. Buckbob

    New Mexico requiring quarantine

    Hopefully the only state that does this.
  2. Buckbob

    Rifle holster for pack

    Looking for a rifle holster for my slumberjack dead fall 65, any recommendations?
  3. Buckbob

    Meat processing around Laramie WY

    Planning to antelope hunt around Laramie this fall and looking to have a lead on a processor incase we knock a couple over, not much popping up on a google search. Can anyone recommend any processors in that area?
  4. Buckbob

    New Mexico antelope guide

    Looking to do a guided New Mexico rifle antelope hunt in 2019, any reccomendations would be appreciated. A couple that have caught my eye when doing some research are Kiowa hunting services and JACO outfitters.
  5. Buckbob


    Starting to stock up on gear for upcoming elk and mule deer hunts. My budget is $500ish, I've done some research on my own but was wondering what experienced people would suggest? Thanks, Bob
  6. Buckbob

    Hello from Michigan

    Hello all, I?m new to the forum although I?ve been reading stuff on it for a couple years now. I?m from southern Michigan and I?m 32 years old, married with 2 kids (1 boy 1 girl). Archery is my first choice but I have shot plenty of deer with a shotgun. Just starting to really look at hunting...