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  1. marcusvdk

    Christmas present

    My sister got me a great book to read to start getting me ready to go to Wyoming for lopes in the next couple years
  2. marcusvdk

    2021 Fishing

    Well new year new fishing post Hope this year to get out ice fishing for the first time. Got a charter on lake Superior planned again this August along with our UP trip to off grid cabin on a river filled with smallies, and trout. And hopefully get to go to Canada for bear and fishing in...
  3. marcusvdk

    MTN OPS Miles for Meals

    Ok guys and gals I'm not one that normally pushes something or an advertisement but here's a good cause. I got this email from MTN OPS two days ago about a virtual Run/walk/bike event they are having. Every mile logged on the event page on runsignup they will donate 10 miles to people on...
  4. marcusvdk

    1000 yards with revolver?

    This is crazy! Jerry is definitely one heck of a shooter.
  5. marcusvdk

    Favorite Turkey recipes

    Was cooking a turkey I bought on sale (after Thanksgiving) this week. Decided to pull out one of my grandmas recipes that she uses for her leftover turkey. Figured I'd share it with turkey seasons opening up for a lot of us that allowed to go hunt. CREAM OF TURKEY I took a whole turkey...
  6. marcusvdk

    Sitka light weight hoodie versus apex hoodie

    So I'm in the start to middle of my weight loss journey. I know come this fall my stuff will no longer fit and I'm trying to get a list of things together of what I like for replacements when I get down to my new weight. I went into the sportsmen's warehouse here in town and looked at the...
  7. marcusvdk

    2020 Fishing

    Figured we get it started since it's the new year now. Planning to try out ice fishing with a coworker this year if the weather ever figures out what season it is. Also get some fishing in well on our bear hunt in Ontario this September
  8. marcusvdk

    Grouse Tail

    Stopped by the taxidermist today and got one of my 2 things back from my Canadian hunting trip. I was very pleased looks great on the wall at home. Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  9. marcusvdk

    Cabelas code

    If anyone is planning on spending over $100 @ cabelas i have two codes for $20 off a $100 or more. That im not going to use. Please message me and ill gladly give you one.
  10. marcusvdk

    Nice deal on a pack

    Camofire got a nice deal on a pack fir the next 4 hours
  11. marcusvdk

    Man thats a big snake

    Here you go MM
  12. marcusvdk

    My First Turkey, Michigan 2015

    I posted a picture of my turkey in the turkey fever thread. So decided I should post the rest of my pictures with the story of what happened. I am super happy with this bird and am hooked on turkey hunting now. The beard measured out at 9.5 inches and the spurs were just over 1.25 inches. Got...
  13. marcusvdk

    How to stay healthy

    So opening day of archery deer season was a few days ago for here in Michigan. My son has had a very bad cold for a few days and as it goes with youngsters they like to share. So now I'm starting to get the fun things like a Sore throat, Runny nose, and Cough. My question for you all is...
  14. marcusvdk

    New Addition

    Had a new addition to my family over the weekend. This is my little baby boy Jeremiah. Mom was kind enough to let daddy make the decorative decisions for the nursery and its all decked out with camo and all kinds of different north american animal pictures and stuffed animals and things. So...
  15. marcusvdk

    Leupold SX-1 Ventana

    Has any got any experience or know much about this scope? Or have suggestions of a better scope around that price point. Appreciate any help.
  16. marcusvdk

    Cabelas Clearance Sales

    Just thought I would let people know that Cabelas has some pretty good deals in there bargain cave for hunting clothing. Especially on Rainwear and Baselayer clothing. I just picked up a pair of there MT050 GoreTex pack pants for 71 bucks normal retail was 199.99. Haven't used these before...
  17. marcusvdk

    Wildgame Innovations

    Just curious if anyone has used any of the wildgame innovations range finders and what your experiences are with them. I have read some mixed reviews on there range finders and just wondering if anyone has had experience with them. thanks
  18. marcusvdk

    EHD (Epizootic hemorrhagic disease)

    Just got an email from the DNR here in Michigan that said they had an outbreak of EHD in the eastern part of my county (the part of the county i hunt and live in). Just wonder what people know about this dieses in deer and then my concern is if it is safe to eat a deer i shot if it may have...
  19. marcusvdk

    Michigan Elk Tag

    I'm excited get to apply for my Michigan elk tag and fall bear tag on Tuesday and then in a month and a half i find out if i drew it. We don't have a huge elk herd here but they give out about 80 to 100 tags to the residents. Its hard to draw a tag so I will be hoping and crossing my fingers...
  20. marcusvdk

    Spring hunts

    Hey guys, just figured i would post and see if anyone was planning a great spring time hunt (turkey, bear,etc....) I myself am planning on hunting turkeys this spring in michigan. Should be a really good season been a mild winter with little snow, leaving the crops out for all the game animals.