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    Chose archery hunt; $10 license not purchased

    So I just caught that I may have choked on one of my choices yesterday. I chose an archery code and just discovered that you must purchase an archery license beforehand. I didn't do this so is the entire application voided or is just the archery choice voided or none of those happen? I'm...
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    Camo Apparel and Gear Companies

    I'm researching several companies. Please read through my list and let me know if I'm missing someone that I might not know about. Realtree Mossy Oak Sitka KUIU Predator First Lite Pnuma Kryptek SixSite TusX A-TACS Element Outdoors GameGuard King's Camo CORE4 Element
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    Weminuche Wilderness and San Juan National Forest

    Has anyone scouted or spike camped these areas? More specifically between 550 and Forest Rd 682. I have a few questions about weather, terrain, and elevations within a number of units. I basically needed some guidance and understanding so that I can establish some expectations.
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    1st Archery vs 2nd Archery?

    I've noticed the 2nd Archery season keeps getting praised more than the 1st in New Mexico. This looks to be due to the rut usually kicking off during that part of September. I have read in a couple of places where guys have hunting the 2nd Season only to find out they missed the rut. My first...
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    All New Everything - Texas

    Hello, like the title says I'm new. I'm new to the magazine subscription, new to the forum, and will be hitting the mountains with weapon in hand this year for the first time. I have a solid foundation of hunting everything under the sun that you can hunt in the state of Texas. I've guided...