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    Excellent article by Dave Hoshour

    I really appreciate the two-part article "In Defense of Hunting" that appears in the MRS of the latest issues of EHJ and EBJ. Hopefully most of you have had a chance to read it. There is another thread that briefly mentions the article, but I feel it deserves more attention. Dave Hoshour...
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    New Way To Blow A Stalk

    I’ve become pretty proficient over the years at blowing stalks in all the normal ways. But last Friday, I discovered a whole new way to screw up a stalk. While bowhunting antelope in northcentral Montana, I was sneaking in on a nice buck. I was hustling through a strip of uncut wheat trying to...
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    Appreciate the Eastmans' forums -- new 7 mm

    At a recent RMEF banquet, I was forunate to win a raffle for a Browning AB3 in 7 mm. I've hunted all my life but have never owned a 7 mm. I recalled seeing some threads up here such as "best all-around rifle" and plenty of others that have been a great source of info for me. I also found that...