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    Looking for a good used pair Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need bow press advice

    Picked up a bow press today on the cheap. Before I press my bow I'm looking for advice from those of u that know.....Does my bow appear compatible with this press. I've heard horror stories of bent risers and the like. Sorry for poor picture quality.
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    Wind river canyon. White ram

    The white bighorn ram was harvested. An unbelievably unique trophy. Congrats to the hunter. I've seen the ram a handful of times. As have many people. He is breathtaking. Wow. IMG_8715.jpeg
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    Funniest Wyoming license draw video ever This is very funny. Not kidding
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    2013 Wyoming archery antelope

  6. Drelk

    Hey I drew a great tag

    This is my first post ever. I drew a 125 deer tag. A 100 bull elk tag. All for Wyoming. Can u please reply with GPS coordinates as to where the best animals are in the unit that I can get to with my ATV. I don't want to invest a lifetime into figuring out the best spots on my own. Just your...
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    My fathers 2013 Wyoming black bear

    My dad is 77. 2 ankle replacements. He's in great shape but slowing down. First and only black bear he will ever get. My son was also there. Big bear and great memories
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    Check out this albino bighorn

    Not the best image. On the way home from fishing this evening I got this pic I have seen him 3 times total now. Just the first time he's been close enough to take a pic. I hope he makes it 5-6 more years.
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    Wolves delisted in Wyoming

    It appears that we will be able to shoot wolves in Wyoming come Oct 1. Bout freakin time
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    Wyoming 2012 archery antelope

    Me and the kid getting it done Pretty good goat.
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    Squaring up my FMJs with the g5 asd

    So I had my local sporting goods guy cut my FMJs to length. Have u ever looked at how not square the actual cut is. The arrow must flex as it is pushed through the cut off saw. Luckily I have a brand new g5 asd. I'm about 10 minutes into the first arrow, and I'm almost there. Anyone use the g5 asd?
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    US appeals court allows wolf hunts

    The AP. BILLINGS, Mont. — A federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected a lawsuit from conservation groups that want to block wolf hunts that have killed more than 500 of the predators across the Northern Rockies in recent months. Late. But another step forward
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    Had to post a pic of this guy

    A great way to spend a couple of hours on a wintry day. Size 18 midge I call the christmas tree
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    Dreaming of the bears

    I call him the red bear. He's not totally nocturnal. Really want to get him with the bow. We will see. Lets see some more bear pics
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    Wildlife officials consider wolves to control elk

    This is headline on AP news. Feds are considering using wolves to control elk populations in COLORADO. BACA national wildlife refuge. And of course the environmentalist are supporting. I really hope this never happens like it has here in Wyoming. It has destroyed some of our game populations...
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    Preference points for Wyoming residents for elk deer and antelope

    I understand that the opportunity to hunt elk every year as a resident of Wyoming with a general tag is a great thing. At this point as a resident of Wyoming I'm wishing that I could accrue preference points for elk and deer. I would rather have a chance to hunt a great unit every few years...