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  1. Brocka

    Cascade Mountains

    Last weekend in the Cascades
  2. Brocka

    Just a reminder...

    This Friday, May 18th is the deadline for special permits applications in Washington.
  3. Brocka

    Eastern Washington weekend

    Now I know its not the back country but until the snow melts this is better than sitting at home for the weekend! Jumped in the boat and cruised to the back of the lake till we found a nice dune that work for camp, Did a little coyote/shed hunting but came up empty handed. First trip with the...
  4. Brocka

    Successful coyote hunt this weekend!

    My buddy Trav & I went and did a little coyote hunting this weekend, We got there Friday evening and got some to respond to our calls but nothing came in before it got dark. We went to the same spot in the morning and as we were following the wasteway walking to our spot we stopped and knelt...
  5. Brocka

    Mule Deer Unit 35

    We are headed in there come October, Anyone have any advice on that unit?
  6. Brocka

    Colorado Draw System

    This may come off as a dumb question, But never really hunting outside of Washington & Idaho, How does the whole draw/point system work for non-resident deer in Colorado? A quick simple version would be much appreciated. Thanks Brock
  7. Brocka

    Vortex Diamondback 10x42

    For anyone looking to get these binos (which are great) I found a website where you can get them a little cheaper than most retailers. No tax & Free shipping. Hope it helps! (BTW i have no ties with this company, Just simply passing on a good deal)...
  8. Brocka

    Possible "For Sale" section

    Has anyone ever thought of doing a "For Sale" thread/section? Maybe a good way to pass on stuff not used anymore? Just a thought. Brock
  9. Brocka

    Nemo losi storm tent for a backcountry hunt

    Anybody have this tent? What are you thoughts on it for a High country hunt in Washington state? Thanks Brock
  10. Brocka

    Is the Badlands 2200 realistic for a high buck pack?

    I plan on doing the High Buck in Washington state this year and I have the Badlands 2200 pack, Is it realistic to say that pack will work for 4 nights 5 days up there? If not any other suggestions? Brock