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  1. mntnguide

    High country mulies 21' who's in??

    Yep, ill be chasing them like usual. Need to get back after it after having my 220" deer shot out under me on opener this season. Was a tough pill to swallow after watching him grow for 3 years. Have a couple bucks ill go back to check on that should be breaking the 200 mark if they made it...
  2. mntnguide

    Recommendation for North Grey Bull Wilderness guide

    Trails West outfitters... basically the only outfitter up there. Top notch outfitter with plenty of great things said about them. If you can draw, that would be the one worth talking to first
  3. mntnguide

    Elk Lives Matter

    Tan the hide is all. She has a great hide with really full thick hair.
  4. mntnguide

    Elk Lives Matter

    wolves screwed up my weekend hunt in the backcountry, so i spent 3 days trying to help the elk herds and was able to connect on a great black female at 75 yards. Gonna pick up a second tag and hopefully find time to get back up there again and search for another.
  5. mntnguide

    WY Draw Results Antelope/Deer/Elk (Residents)

    Drew a great antelope tag and a whitetail tag to go with my general deer and elk. After my luck last year i wasn't expecting much, so I'm pumped for having a goat tag for the first time in 3 years. And I'll put more effort into the whitetail this year cause my late season elk tag last year got...
  6. mntnguide

    Wyoming Bull Bison Hunt Fall 2020

    I suggest trying to get it done early in the forest. The late season part has been abysmal the past few years. Buffalo aren't migrating like they used to even with plenty of snow. My friend had the tag last year and was absolutely disgusted with the hunt. But hopefully you can get onto them...
  7. mntnguide

    If You Had a Wyoming Commissioner Tag..

    Same unit i drew last year😎... or any of the 61-63 units packed in deep with the horses.
  8. mntnguide

    Wyoming wilderness guided hunt with 10 preference points

    As mentioned above...Josh Martoglio with Trails west outfitter/shoshone lodge outfitters. If you can pull a tag for his backcountry camp unit, you should have a great wilderness hunt. You dont have max points, so im not sure what your odds are off hand, and you are a long ways from drawing the...
  9. mntnguide

    pump action 12 ga versus 45-70 lever rifle for alaskan bear defense

    Shotgun. No question. Had a guide friend shoot a charging grizzly multiple times with a 45-70. 3 different charges, 3 different shots all connected in chest area. And didn't stop her immediately. This was after a full can of spray was used and she ran right through it.
  10. mntnguide

    Social Distancing - What's Everyone Doing?

    Im working cause my job and working from home isnt possible..and people seem to bitch if their power goes out and no lineman were to be around to fix it! So business as usual basically for me, id much rather be snowmobiling and not at work trying to not get sick.
  11. mntnguide

    High Country Muleys 2020 who's in?

    Can't wait. Ive been watching a buck grow for 2 years. Last year he was my #1 target but disappeared like a ghost and I took my #2 buck instead. Thanks to a friend, I know for a fact he made it through the seasons and to the winter range. So my fingers are crossed he makes it through winter and...
  12. mntnguide

    Shoot or Pass?

    Definitely a pass from me unless he gets a few more years on him and grows into something
  13. mntnguide

    Outfitter for a backcountry Elk Hunt

    Fyi... the long time outfitter of Elk springs outfitters.. Al Bayer has either sold or is trying to sell that outfit. I guided for both those outfits years ago in the Frank. To find 300"+ bulls the Frank would definitely not be my choice... with your timetable id highly suggest buying points in...
  14. mntnguide

    Wyoming bison

    Had a friend with the bull tag this year...He lives in Jackson, and has plenty of time. He ate his tag. That hunt has gotten worse and worse especially the past 5 years or so. They have learned to not come to the refuge until way late. This year, 0 cows were taken until the final week of January...
  15. mntnguide

    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    As i mentioned.. game and fish strongly opposed the park shooting goats and not letting hunters take part. And they just passed a resolution and letter to the park from the commission saying so...
  16. mntnguide

    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    From my talks with the main biologists when i checked my goat in, most the goats inside the park, never leave the park. The stay there all winter in deep snow etc. So the ones getting shot in the main areas inside the park are most likely ones that would never set foot into the hunting area...
  17. mntnguide

    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    They are trying to allow hunters to be part of this, but couldn't get any legislation passed for this year for that to happen. The game and fish has pushed hard for the national park to allow hunters to be in this. But it's not their world so they get no official say. Wygf gave away 48 new...
  18. mntnguide

    2019 season

    I should also include my good friend/ roommate and his giant general tag bull taken on a solo morning hunt in the national forest. And yes that's an 11" dropper. Needless to say, our house is filling up fast. Dining room might become game room. Not a bad problem to have though
  19. mntnguide

    2019 season

    Quick photo recap of my season so far. Archery mountain goat in August, connected on one of my top 3 scouted bucks in September, and my late season wilderness elk hunt ended in the bull of my dreams. All hunts wilderness, DIY. I still have a late season December Idaho bull tag that I'll try to...