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    Christensen arms

    I have been looking at their Ridgeline model, but do not have any experience with Christensen. Anyone have any feedback on their rifles ?
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    6.5 Creedmoor

    I have resisted getting one so far, but keep hearing a lot of good things about this. One of the things that appeals to me is the light recoil. Recoil on my 30-06 does not bother me hunting or doing some practice, but it is punishing if you practice too much. I am thinking if I am not getting...
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    Other interests

    Just curious what other interests everyone has other than hunting. Personally I like to fish a little, but my other main interest is skiing. I am also a member of the National Ski Patrol.
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    Grizzly / Wolf question

    I personally support the natural expansion of these species and even introduction in areas ( not just the west either ) that make sense and where states are allowed to manage them thru hunting and other means. As eveyone here knows the problem is that the state wildlife agencies are limited in...
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    CO archery Elk unit 48

    I am thinking of applying for this unit. I have been in Leadville before on a skiing trip, but have never been off the main roads. I know this area has to be rugged. My biggest question is how is the vehicle access off the main roads ? Wondering how the road conditions are in Sept and how...
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    Rock Springs, WY winter

    I wanted to see if anyone know how the winter has been south of Rock Springs. I was planning on hunting Antelope there this fall, but have heard horror stories about the winter in Wyoming this year.
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    WY Antelope - 9 points

    I currently am sitting on 9 points in WY and looking to go there in 2-3 years for Antelope. I have been doing some research and have an idea what unit to apply for, but would like some insight. I am not looking for a trophy, just a decent chance at a buck. Mostly I am looking for a unit that...
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    CO archery Elk

    I am thinking about going to CO next year on a general archery tag ( I have no points in CO ) and was wondering what the hunting pressure was like during the archery season. I have been there during the 2nd rifle season and it was a zoo. Is it less so during archery ?
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    OnX Maps

    I have been looking into buying these for my phone, but not sure if it is worth it. I have a powderhook app on my phone ( which is free ) and it seems to do most of what OnX does, with the notable exception of it does not display landowner names. Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?
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    Southern MI opener

    S. MI opener is this friday, how many MI guys are on here going out Saturday ?
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    New from MI

    Hello, I am obviously new to the forums here and currently live in MI. I have a couple trips planned for out west over the next couple years. Next year I plan on archery hunting Elk in CO with an OTC tag. The year after that I plan on hunting WY antelope and currently have 9 points for...