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  1. bux4brainz

    Utah Bear suggestions

    I have 15 bear points for Utah as a resident but can't decide what unit/hunt/season to apply for. Up until last year I have only applied for points. I think I can draw just about any bear tag in Utah, aside from a couple of the multi-season hunts. I can't afford an outfitter so I'll be going...
  2. bux4brainz

    My WY 'lope

    Here is my WY antelope from unit 58. I should be getting the mount back soon. I'll post pics of the mount when I get it. We had an incredible hunt & looked at well over 400 bucks before I shot this one. He's not the tallest buck on the mountain, or should I say desert but, he has great mass...
  3. bux4brainz

    New member from UT

    Hello all, My name is Stefan White. I am 41 years of age & I live in northern Utah. I am a long time EHJ & EBJ subscriber but, first time forum member to this site. I am excited to meet & get to know some of you. I love helping out other hunters & enjoy seeing them be successful. I love to...