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  1. bux4brainz

    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    I have drawn a unit 16 & a unit 51 elk tag & am building some points again. I only have 3 points & applied for a unit that takes 9 points to draw so I'm not expecting a tag.
  2. bux4brainz

    Hunting Solo?

    I absolutely love hunting solo & have done several solo hunts, including a backpack hunt into the high country of Colorado. However, it is sometimes nice to have someone to share the hunt with & also to have help to pack out a critter!
  3. bux4brainz

    Trail Cams

    I have used quite a few brands & there are several good ones but I have personally preferred Moultrie & Stealthcam. I've had great luck with both.
  4. bux4brainz

    Utah Antelope

    I totally agree with Jim. There are some pretty good pronghorn units in WY a nonresident can draw with 7 or less points & getting a point isn't very expensive. Wyoming has some excellent pronghorn hunting has put tons in the record books. Some units in the southwest corner that have plenty of...
  5. bux4brainz

    POW 2021

    It's been several years since I hunted bears on POW but I had a great time & saw lots of bears. I'd love to go back someday. POW has the highest population density of black bears in the world. I stayed at Shelter Cove Lodge in Craig. The bears will be eating grasses in the spring to turn...
  6. bux4brainz

    Daughters bear video

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  7. bux4brainz

    Utah Bear suggestions

    Beautiful bull. Congrats. Thanks for sharing. I love that devil tine. What weapon did you use? I have 15 elk points & am always tempted to apply for the Bookcliffs, mainly because I know it but, I keep ending up applying for some of the top tier units instead. I've seen some great bulls on...
  8. bux4brainz

    Antler drop

    I think this depends on so many things...animal condition, weather, location etc...I've noticed the same areas are also different from year to year. In an area I watch every year last year at least 40-60% had shed by the 2nd week of January. This year is different, only 10-15% had shed by the...
  9. bux4brainz


    😮 Holy smokes batman!
  10. bux4brainz

    Utah Bear suggestions

    I too have been on some deer & elk hunts on the Bookcliffs. That is one of my favorite places to go. I love it down there! Some trips I saw several bears. Other trips I saw zero. I'd sure like to see your bull from the Books if you're willing to share it.
  11. bux4brainz

    Utah Bear suggestions

    Thank you Jim. Perhaps I'll do the multi-season tag there. Have you personally been on a bear hunt on the Bookcliffs?
  12. bux4brainz

    Utah Bear suggestions

    I have 15 bear points for Utah as a resident but can't decide what unit/hunt/season to apply for. Up until last year I have only applied for points. I think I can draw just about any bear tag in Utah, aside from a couple of the multi-season hunts. I can't afford an outfitter so I'll be going...
  13. bux4brainz

    Oklahoma Rep Introduces Bill for Bigfoot Hunting Season

    For some odd reason I'm not at all surprised by this. Will it be a draw tag or OTC? lol
  14. bux4brainz

    New from Idaho

    Welcome to the forums Bruce.
  15. bux4brainz

    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    Hoping for a region G deer tag & some possible miracle draws! I've decided to enter the outfitter draw for NV deer with my 20 points. I sure would love to finally draw that.
  16. bux4brainz

    Wyoming Unit 94 Speed goat

    I'm a little late to seeing your post. I was just curious how you did in Wyoming unit 94 for 'lope.
  17. bux4brainz

    7 years worth of points.....paid off!

    Great looking buck. Congratulations! They're sure fun to hunt.
  18. bux4brainz

    My WY 'lope

    Here is my WY antelope from unit 58. I should be getting the mount back soon. I'll post pics of the mount when I get it. We had an incredible hunt & looked at well over 400 bucks before I shot this one. He's not the tallest buck on the mountain, or should I say desert but, he has great mass...
  19. bux4brainz

    Your most memorable hunt(?)

    I've had lots of very memorable hunts but, a more recent one was when my dad was finally able to draw his limited entry elk hunt at age 74. It wasn't an easy hunt but, I was able to help my dad harvest a very nice 6x6 on the last day of the hunt. We made a lot of incredible memories on the...
  20. bux4brainz

    2017 elk success thread, post em up

    Wyoming bull, harvested October 27th.