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    Med Kits In The Backcountry?

    I posted my two kits here: I think e-kits need to be customized to the person and the mission. You need a different kit walking through a square of BLM land half a mile from your truck than you do picking your way...
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    Colorado Turkey Tags

    Turkey hunting was my only disappointment when I moved to CO. In CT it was what you did to put meat on the table. Spring bag limit 5 toms, fall was 3 either sex. Nice thing about a bag limit was it averaged out. If you had a bad day and came home empty handed you could make up for it with 3...
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    Missing park ranger since 1980

    Here's a really well written story on these for those killing time waiting on tag application windows :)
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    Colorado National Parks - family vacation

    You're 100% right. I apologize for getting off track. If you happen to be "camping" while traveling I can highly recommend Garden of the Gods RV Park in Colo Springs. We go there every year. As a campground it's kind of average, but they have a small arcade for the kids and a cell booster, plus...
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    Colorado National Parks - family vacation

    That and this epic stunt of a backdrop on a recent zoom call she was on: Which is just about the most irresponsible and useless gun storage idea ever. She insists it wasn't storage, they were "ready for use". To me that means she had loaded firearms just leaning on each other where just...
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    Colorado National Parks - family vacation

    It's because she tweeted (this is a literal quote) "Protecting and defending the Constitution doesn’t mean trying to rewrite the parts you don’t like." Which is amusing because a) the Constitution was absolutely designed for The People to be able to rewrite the parts they don't like, b) the...
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    Advice on hunting

    You ask 5 guys this question and you're going to get 6 opinions. But for my 2c I sure wouldn't bother with 38/19/29. If you're just trying to fill the freezer, I would cross-reference the recap and harvest stats reports. Look for rifle-1 tags in high-success zones that are easy to draw, maybe...
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    Gun Cases?

    I couldn't afford the Pelican when I bought my case so I got the one Harbor Freight sells. To be honest it's pretty decent.
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    Colorado's Big Game Guide Book

    I'm a nerd so you'd think I'd value some of the resources like buying tags online, but to be honest I feel like they disadvantage a lot of folks the way they're implemented. Two years ago their Web site was almost totally unusable for two hours the morning leftover tags went on sale, and...
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    Rain jacket

    I use a poncho/tarp combo. Amazon links are still broken here so if you want to search for what I got, it's the "Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho" for $24.99. Best $25 I've spent on hunting gear, I'm sure. It weighs less than 10oz, packs small, and is fast to get on and off. I like ponchos because...
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    Mule Deer Tactics (Early Season)

    Glass slowly and carefully. In my opinion, muley bucks are more crafty than elk bulls. There's a buck in the photo below, just above the center. (Sorry for the quality, I was doing my best to shoot it with my cell phone cam through my binos). What is SUPER easy to miss is the SECOND buck just...
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    Walden Colorado area

    I chose not to go back there last year, but I have been there before. I wouldn't call myself an expert but depending on your question I may have a thing or two to say...
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    Who taught you to hunt?

    I'm largely self-taught. In a very odd transaction, I was working on building a plane and realized the project no longer made sense (had another kid on the way, no time to finish it, and the plane only seated 4). So I sold it to a guy who I think felt he got the better end of the deal and on a...
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    Hunting Solo?

    I hunt with two other guys but only to share a camp. I'm like 15 years older and slower than they are. I'm not a "run and gun" guy, I like to take my time and pick my way through the timber slowly. We share camp resources and help each other on pack outs but for actual hunting I'm solo.
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    Anyone Tried Peak Designs?

    I don't know why Amazon links don't work here. It's the "Sirui T-025x Carbon Fiber Tripod with C-10 Ball Head Tripod Only".
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    Anyone Tried Peak Designs?

    I'm a big fan of my Sirui. I have this one: Carbon fiber for the price of most others' aluminum versions, only 1.5lbs, but rock solid. I can easily shoot my rifle off it using a Triclawps.
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    Gun Registration Bill HR 127

    I don't consider Boebert anything remotely patriotic or real. She's a nutter. Go ahead and hate me, I can't stand her. I'm a gun-totin' elk hunter but I am in NO way proud of Boebert. I want to be proud of the people I elect. It has been so achingly long since I've felt that way. I'm tired...
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    Colorado off the rails? - WOLVES

    This is my opinion.... which makes it worthless... but until Spring Bear what else is there to do? :) My take is Eastman's is a reputable company with a VERY reputable founder, but these days it's morphed into a media company like any other. Guys, this is the sad truth. Terms like "MSM" or...
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    Colorado off the rails? - WOLVES

    Eastmans blog is turning into the National Enquirer for me. "CPW team was attempting?" Tranquilizer usage is "new to CPW?" "Wyoming was "tipped off"? Have you guys been hitting the MJ or something? First, CPW wasn't the ones that tranked it, it was a contractor, and Wyoming Game Dept was...
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    Unit 39/46 - Mule Deer & Elk

    3-4 miles from roads is more than a lot of folks bother with. Doesn't mean you won't run into other hunters, just that you should be giving yourself a good chance. I've hiked that area more than I've hunted but seen plenty of sign in all seasons, and carcasses from other successful hunters. The...