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    Backcountry Questions

    You don't need much it goes a long long way. You only have to mist the the meat. Used in the food industry all the time.
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    Weather in the back country, how do you follow it ?

    I started using a inreach this year and you get weather with the subscription. That was nice since last year we almost got snowed in!!
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    Backcountry Questions

    First learn to debone the carcass. You will loose a ton of bone weight for packing out. Second get four or five of these meat bags from Kifaru they only weigh 1oz each. You can pack up to 80lbs of boned meat in each one. They are great because they...
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    Backcountry or Base camp?

    *So you want to be a Elk Hunter they tell me!!" Comfort is over rated when Elk hunting the High Country!! Haaaa.... Just joking there Guys and Gals!! I used to base camp then spike out many years ago. Ummm Now days maybe a little older and maybe not wiser I prefer to pack in for a week at a...
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    Bull Breeding Call - Identification

    The bull following the one I shot this year was making a mewing like a cow. I thought it was a cow till it came down the same trail I just shot my bull on.
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    The 2020 Elk Success Thread

    I thought I would move this to the Elk section. Was a tough few weeks in Montana. Lots of high Temps, lots of smoke, and lots of hunters excessive calling. Been Elk hunting since the 1990s and it gets worse every year. Folks watching way to many TV elk hunts. I had to make some changes after the...
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    Elk Hunting Tricks

    Glass more, call less, figure them out then move in and one.
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    New Gear This Year?

    The full size. Worked flawlessly while I was in the montana backcountry for two in a half weeks. I only found one spot where I couldn't get a satellite conformation and it was in a steep, high,, narrow drainage. Other than that once it worked great. It also works 100% on the boat off the coast.
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    New Gear This Year?

    A new Angle compensating range finder and a Inreach Explorer to keep the wife happy. The Inreach is well worth the money!
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    2020 EHJ Success Thread

    Thank you its been a tough year. I was glad to get him. Wish you good luck for your hunting season!
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    2020 EHJ Success Thread

    Was a tough few weeks in Montana. Lots of high Temps, lots of smoke, and lots of hunters excessive calling. Been Elk hunting since the 1990s and it gets worse every year. Folks watching way to many TV elk hunts. I had to make some changes after the first week as the Elk went silent. Did...
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    Inreach Mini

    My buddy has the standard Inreach. It worked very well/ we had no idea the weather in Montana was going to go to crap last week. He received a text from a buddy telling him. Well we came out after seven days and everyone was gone. Weather did go to crap. The weather was supposed to be perfect...
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    Call Wise Bulls

    I guess my issue is they know they are pushing them. They think they can catch up with them. Not going to happen. Calling is fine but every 5 to ten minutes is ridiculous. If you hear a bull try to move in closer and see what you are dealing with don't call him into the next county. Not one of...
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    Call Wise Bulls

    I wish more people would read this. Everyone watches TV Elk hunts and the show bugling every few minutes. When I was in Montana in Mid Sept I can't tell you how many Elk I watched move either to another drainage or into Idaho. More than a few hunters were lighting up a bugle every 50yds. It was...
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    Do elk bugle much in SW Montana - units 314/360/362????

    I can tell you that the hunters were bugling their a$$s off!! Havent heard anything like it in my life!! Sounded like a bad elk hunting show 10x. It was so bad ........ that's all I will say!!
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    We left Montana. Totals in the high country were around 18 inches where we were in SW Montana. Still cold up there and snowed more after we came out Highs in the low 30s during the day and teens at night. First week was great. We passed on 5 elk and were hunting a few nice bulls. Didnt know the...
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    Who else is...

    In silence she waits! Workout days are over. Packed up and hitting the road tomorrow. Will be gone for 19 days this trip.
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    Who else is...

    Still at it between a few archery whitetail hunts. Been warm but that's ok. 6 days till chasing those crazy Elk? Or is it crazy me chasing Elk? Either way its all good.
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    Finding a gym

    I have bought used equipment and stopped going to the gym last year. I bought a stair stepper, treadmill, some freeweights, a leg lift rack, and a bow flex for under $500 total. This year I bought a used concept 2 E series rower for $500. Over the years I have found that endurance is more...
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    Adjusting to the Elevation

    I have been going from near sea leval to hunt at 9k-11k almost every year since the the late 80s. A few things I have learned. Start drinking a lot of water if you dont already. Try to stay a night somewhere close to the altitude you will be hunting before you head in. Don't be in a rush. It...