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    Special Thanks to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks!

    Hello all!! It has been a while since I have posted. Long story short... Here in NC right before Elk Season we were hit here with two Hurricanes. We had 18-36 inches of rain from the second storm and quite a bit from the first. Anyway with the damages to my mothers house and damages to our...
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    Great socks!!

    Hey everyone. I have tried many different socks over the years. For the past 4 years I have strictly been wearing the Bridgedale Men's Merino Hiker Socks. By far the best boot socks I have tried. Give them a try you and your feet will really like them. They fit great and do not slip or stretch...
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    I have done a bunch of filming over the years but was never really satisfied with any of my cameras. I was finally able to put video setup together that I am happy with. Ended up getting a Canon XA35, Rode NGT1 mic and a Varizoom lance control for tripod or camera arm hunting.
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    ***Turkey Bowhunt Video***

    Thought I would share the video of one of my Turkey hunts from this season with you. I have only Bowhunted Deer and Elk for the last 20+ years but had never Bowhunted turkeys. This was the first turkey I shot with the bow. Its a little long but thought I would share my mid afternoon hunt it with...
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    Crack Heads!!

    I have been seeing lots of turkey this winter!! Nice to watch them while deer hunting. Here is a group I watched for over a hour on one of our Chufa fields!! These are all decent gobblers.
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    Montana Trip 2016

    After another year of preparation and training it was once again time to head to Montana to chase elk in the mountains. This is a pack in on your back pack out on your back hunt on public land. And at 55 now it seems to get a little tougher getting ready for the trip every year. I always wonder...
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    +++Eastmans 2015 Custom Moneyclip Progress thread+++

    Hey gang it has been busy here but Progress is being made on the Money-Clip that was won by Jason. I am doing something new this year. I started 3d Printing back in November so I will be able to share a new process with you this year. The model for Jason's Elk artwork will be 3D Printed. The...
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    ****Vote here for the Best Elk Hunt Story photo thread !!! ****

    Hello everyone!! Sorry for running behind a little this year, things have been very busy. Anyway here is the link for everyone to vote on their favorite Elk Hunt story. VOTE HERE! You can go to the thread below to read all the entries for 2015...
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    ***Photos From This Years Elk Hunt***

    Hey everyone! We had a great Hunt this year and I was able to take quite a few photos and some video during the trip. I thought I would share a few pics a day as I go through them. We had temps from the high 20s to the low 80s during the two weeks so there is a wide range of photos. I hope...
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    ***2015 Best Elk DIY Public lands hunt / Elk harvest write up posting thread ***

    The time is is here!! Here is the thread to post your 2015 Stories and Photos. Cant wait to read the stories and see some photos so post away. No cell phone pics accepted do to the poor quality of the photos when blown up for publishing. Please refer to the thread link below for the rules of...
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    ***Okay while I was away!!!!!

    So I go to Montana for a few weeks and after the first week I call home to talk with the wife. She tells me I should be at home hunting instead of out west?? I ask what do you mean? Well she says I was looking out the back door and see what I think is Cody (The neighbors large Black Lab) walking...
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    ****Heading out in the morning****

    Hitting the road to Montana in the morning and should be packing in by Saturday. Hopefully we will have something good to write about the end of the month. For anyone else heading out be safe and take lots of pics!! Good luck to everyone.............Mark :cool:
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    ***Best Elk DIY Public lands hunt / Elk harvest write up contest 2015 ***

    Alert To all Eastmans’ Forum Members that are EBJ or EHJ subscribers. If you are a Elk hunter this is for you!! Welcome to the third year of the "Best Elk DIY Public lands hunt / Elk harvest" write up contest. This year on the Eastmans' Forum we are going to conduct the 3rd annual "Best Elk...
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    Wise Meals

    About six months ago I got some wise meals samples and just thought I would tell you what I think. I was skeptical at first but to my surprise they are really good. I think they are much better than the MT House meals. I just got my order in for this seasons hunts. I ordered mine from Amazon for...
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    Slowing down the training...

    Does anyone tend to slow down the more strenuous training a few weeks out from the season? I normally still do everything I normally do but just go a little lighter on the weights. Pack outs still at 70lbs. What is everyone's thoughts.
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    Digiscoping with Binos?

    Hey guys I am new to digiscoping and would like to try it with my binos. I know my camera will work it is a Sony dsc-rx100III. My question is how would you mount it to the bino eye piece so it will stay. I made a fitting for the camera that holds the camera great and allows for zooming in and...
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    About that time!!

    I was looking at the calender and time is flying by!! Right at 4 months before we hit the road again. It seems the older I get the faster things creep up on you. So whats everyone's plans for this up coming hunting season? Are there any changes to your gear or plans? I really haven't made a...
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    PolySorb Cross Trainer Insoles short review

    So far I have done 3-4 mile hikes with Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer Insoles. Two hikes @ 60lbs and one @70lbs. Not a tremendous amount of elevation change maybe 150-180 ft in elevation change. They do require some trimming off the sides and toe areas of the boot as do most insoles to get a good...
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    A Special Thanks to the Eastmans

    I just wanted to send out a thanks to Eastman's! My daily packages arrived today and among the regular packages was a package from Eastmans's with a EBJ hat some elk hunting CDs and Mike Eastmans Elk hunting book! I never expected anything in return for doing the Yearly Elk & Photo giveaway but...
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    *** Elk Hunt Story Belt Buckle Underway***

    First off I would like to thank those that entered the Elk Hunt Story Belt Buckle Giveaway. It was my pleasure to do the ring last year and this year the Best Story winner had the choice of a Belt Buckle or a Ring. Justin (jjenness) was voted the winner from the forum members here and I want to...